SONG PREMIERE: Cinema Cinema Unload Sharp-Toothed Punk On “Taxi Driver”

Cinema Cinema first met Martin Bisi in 2012 amid the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy. Bisi, whose BC Studio was located just a few blocks away from the band’s rehearsal studio, was walking through the streets overwhelmed by the destruction he encountered when he came upon guitarist/vocalist Ev Gold and drummer Paul Claro clearing ruined instruments and amps from the remains of their annihilated practice space. The three immediately struck up a friendship and kept in touch thereafter.

Within days of the disaster, the band experienced an amazing outpouring of support from their friends, fans and fellow musicians who donated money and equipment, bought records and merchandise. This allowed Cinema Cinema to refurbish and replace gear, and — with a few borrowed pieces – start playing live again within two weeks. In 2013, the duo would rebound to perform some 75 shows, including a handful of dates opening for Black Flag, as well as their first European tour, opening for Bisi. Martin had kept in contact post-hurricane and the groups (Bisi has an experimental post-rock band) shared a few bills in Brooklyn which led to the European touring and ultimately to Martin’s producing the band’s 2014 full length, A Night at the Fights.

Cinema Cinema takes its name from a scene contained in the 1992 Belgian film: “C’est Arrive Pres De Chez Vous” aka “Man Bites Dog”. After years of explaining that detail, the duo felt compelled to further affix it to their story by naming the new album after the film. 2016 was spent putting the finishing touches on the LP, returning to the EU for a summer tour of festivals and a playing a handful of East Coast dates in the USA. Ev and Paul will look to couple this release with their customary relentless touring in 2017 to bring MAN BITES DOG all over the world.

The album is out on April 28th and today we are excited to premiere the song “Taxi Driver” right here on Glide Magazine. The song is hard-edged and off the wall with the right amount of intensity to speak to these turbulent times we find ourselves in. 

Guitarist and vocalist Ev Gold:

“When we were invited to open Black Flag’s tour in 2014, it was proposed that we were being considered to also act as the band’s rhythm section, pending other options. Rigorous preparation for that possibility commenced, studying and learning the BF material. Ultimately, it did not come to fruition and we were happily reserved to opening act, the overall experience leaving us with a pool of fresh inspiration to be tapped. ‘Taxi Driver’ was one of the first ideas to spring forth from the influence of that process.”


Cinema Cinema release Man Bites Dog on April 28th. For more music and info visit

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