SONG/VIDEO PREMIERE: Hammydown Charms With Ragged & Wry On “People You May Know”

Hammydown has made your salad and scooped the foam onto your cappuccino. She’s scrubbed your splattered walls and vacuumed the dust from beneath your bed on her hands and knees. She’s delivered your pizza. A boss will say time and time again that it doesn’t cost anything extra to give service with a smile. With her quirky, lyric driven garage pop, Hammydown (aka Abbie Morin) digs at the true price that she and so many people like her have to pay. Gritty guitar, and wry humor capture the plight of the millennial slacker – those who button up and drag their way through the work week, try to pursue creative passions, but still just feel like losers. Based in Northampton, Mass, Hammydown is due to release the debut EP Pizzaface in the spring of 2017.

Glide is thrilled to premiere both the video and song for “People You May Know” (below). With top tone minimalist guitar rock that rides the line between smirky and art punk, Hammydown carries a bravado rarely heard from young bands. There is an explosive urgency ringing from the amps as Hammydown makes each second count, making for a musical Sriracha that never dulls.

 “‘People You May Know’ is about my agitation with the quality vs. quantity of friendship on social media” says Morin about the track. “People are defaulted into each other’s lives with an algorithm – it takes no effort or words to see how or what that person is doing. I miss having to ask. I’ve bought into the convenience as much as anyone else.”



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One thought on “SONG/VIDEO PREMIERE: Hammydown Charms With Ragged & Wry On “People You May Know”

  1. Linn Maxwell Reply

    Good sound guys! Looking forward to hearing more 🎶🎸🎶

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