EP PREMIERE: Beau + Luci Present Immaculate Harmonies on ‘Fire Dancer’ Debut EP

Hailing from the swamp lands of Southern Georgia, raised on a heady blend of rock-and-roll and blues and classic country, Beau + Luci mine their rich musical heritage to dream up an extraordinarily timeless sound. On their debut EP Fire Dancer (due 3/3), the two sisters infuse their earthy yet lushly textured folk-rock with naturally immaculate harmonies that never fail to captivate. And in their songwriting, 18-year-old Beau and 21-year-old Luci reveal both a sublime sense of wonder and a graceful sophistication well beyond their years.

Produced by Dan Hannon (Manchester Orchestra, Aaron Shust), Beau + Luci’s debut EP finds the duo collaborating with a host of esteemed musicians, including guitarist Scott Sharrard and keyboardist Peter Levin (both members of the Gregg Allman Band) as well as keyboardist Rami Jaffee (best known for his work with Foo Fighters and the Wallflowers). Throughout the EP, Beau + Luci show a sharp sense of song-craft honed through their near-lifelong studying of legends like Joni Mitchell and Johnny Cash. At the same time, the two channel pure passion into each track, instilling the EP with a powerful energy. “With our songwriting, our main goal is to take what’s in our heads and hearts and express it in a way that people can connect with,” says Luci. “We want to be as honest as possible, and dig really deep with the hope that someone can listen and say, ‘Someone else is feeling the same thing I’m feeling—I’m not alone.’”


Along with drawing from real-life experience, Beau + Luci weave in elements of visionary storytelling throughout the EP. Inspired by a central character from Cornelia Funke’s Inkheart trilogy—a fire-eater named Dustfinger—the intensely charged “Fire Dancer” explores what Luci refers to as “the idea of taking something that could be used for destruction and instead using it to give hope.” On “Like a Drum,” meanwhile, Beau + Luci merge urgent rhythms and serpentine guitar work with brilliantly chilling lyrics (“The devil’s been beating me down/Wants my freedom”). “‘Like a Drum’ is about going through a difficult time, where there’s this constant wear and tear on your heart and you feel like you can’t get any relief,” says Luci. “But it’s also a refusal to give into that—it’s saying, ‘You’re not going to beat me down, I’m going to keep on going no matter what.’”

Glide is proud to premiere the Fire Dancer EP (below)  in its entirety, a collection of seven songs basking in achingly beautiful two part harmonies, yet retaining a roots authority that spells true Americana. Beau + Luci reach out and snag ones ears’ with their songs that traverse spellbinding hymns, galloping roots musicianship and remind us of the golden voices of decades past.

“Every track on this EP is just a massive piece of us as people and as artists, says the duo. “We have worked so hard to create something that just raises the bar for us and that just makes us feel proud to be who we are and do what we do.  There were days in the beginning that felt less like tests of character and endurability and more like dead ends. But once we got into a rhythm and started creating something that we all were amazed by and so proud of already, even in its infancy, we really formed a bond and connected on a completely different level to finish out this EP. Every single moment we spent in Dan’s basement studio, writing and singing and playing our hearts out was an absolute blast and, overall, an experience that we wouldn’t trade for the world. Through the months we spent creating this EP, we gained experience, knowledge, a better understanding of who we are as artists, writers, singers, and people in general, as well as gained a lifelong friend in our producer and so many others along the way.”

“We absolutely love and adore the incredible team of people who we’ve met and teamed up with along the way of making this EP,” adds Beau + Luci. “Every song has been another step up for us and every time we write, record, or perform our music, we feel ourselves tested and pushed to be better and better than we were before. We hope that is clear to anyone who hears this album. “

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