VIDEO PREMIERE: OK Sweetheart Delivers Infectious Orchestral Melodies On ‘In Another Direction’

With songs truly meant to get into the roots of your heart, OK Sweetheart is a team of infectious songwriters and visionaries of their own time, building a relationship with their fans & community that goes beyond the speakers & stage. You can’t help but feel welcome in the presence of OK Sweetheart no matter how you got invited in. For Erin Austin (vocals, keys), Alex Westcoat (drums), Jeremy Buller (bass) and Michael Porter (guitar), OK Sweetheart is a way of life. Intention drives the musical experience, while beautifully marrying sincerity and imaginative creation. The band’s songs have been featured in anywhere from major motion pictures to network television shows, as well as international commercial campaigns. Recorded at Bear Creek Studios with producer Ryan Hadlock, “In Another Direction” has was released on February 17th, 2017 and has been featured in an episode of MTV’s “Teen Mom”. The band is preparing to release one new song on the 17th of every month of 2017 as well as two new videos: “Boat” produced and directed by Mickey Meyer of Jash, featuring Beck Bennett and new song “In Another Direction” produced and directed by Chris Volckmann of We Are Royale.

Glide Magazine is premiering the video for “In Another Direction,” a track that sparkles with the indie pop magic of Feist and crisp musicianship sounding bigger than its pieces. The video encompasses some dandy seashore lighting, shot at just the perfect time of day, enlightening the orchestral mood between the songstress, Erin Austin, and dancer, Davione M. Gordon. 

“In Another Direction” is a sober view into a breakup,” says Austin. “We’re here at the moment we’re in but we’re headed to a different place. Dripping with sarcasm, the chorus deals with the mania of a partner thinking he can save/change the world asking the other to wait it out. The antsy-ness in the second verse concludes with the realization they are on different pages … planets … dimension. The bridge reveals that the acceptance of the divide is eased by the Toltec idea that we are all living in a dream of suffering or a dream of unconditional love.”

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