Rock and Roll Icon & Pioneer Chuck Berry Dies at 90

Chuck Berry, one of the founding fathers of rock and roll, who directly influenced the Beatles, Rolling Stones, The Grateful Dead and hundreds of others died today (3/18/17) outside St. Louis. Best known for his unforgettable tunes including “Johnny B. Goode,” “Maybellene,” “Roll Over Beethoven,” “Sweet Little Sixteen,” “School Days,” “Rock and Roll Music,” “Back in the U.S.A.” and “Memphis, Tennesse”. With his rockabilly melodies, duck walk and trademark guitar riffs, Berry’s influence on rock music is profound. Berry is arguably the first rocker to reach the age of 90 and kept musically active till the end with his regular performances at Blueberry Hill in St. Louis.

The rock legend had announced in October, on his 90th birthday that he was releasing a new album. The album, titled “Chuck,” was to debut in 2017. It’s his first new album in 38 years.

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