The Arcade Fire & Brimstone

“As soon as a coin in the coffer rings, a soul from indie purgatory springs.” –J. Tetzel

The Arcade Fire announced today it will play five nights in Greenwich Village’s Judson Memorial Church from February 13th through 17th. I usually don’t pay much attention to bands that get more hype than Gabbo’s debut, but I dig just about everything I’ve heard from these fuckers so far. Granted that’s not much, but if they’re playing in an acoustic paradise around the corner from my apartment, at least one show is certainly in order. I just shot by the venue, and here’s where the cool kids will be chillaxin’ (chillaxin’ is what the cool kids do, no?):


Tickets will go on sale January 5th at 9am (ONLINE ONLY, do not call the church). They are $29, will-call only, and limited to 2 per person and the show is open to ALL ages.


I know it’s not in the best taste, but doesn’t anybody else think it’d be cool to see Great White open a string of shows for The Arcade Fire? Too soon?

Related link: Brooklynvegan posted The Arcade Fire’s newest song last week that they recently debuted on BBC, so check that out post-haste.

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