VIDEO PREMIERE: Cedar Teeth Embrace Bluegrass Ballad and Rock In “Winter”

Hailing from the Cascade foothills that form a clear-cut divide between Portland and its surrounding wilderness, the five members of genre bending roots troupe Cedar Teeth have been storytelling together since 2009. The band draws influences from groups like The Band, Fleet Foxes, Wilco, but adds a distinct element of bluegrass.

With vocalist Dylan Martell’s words at the forefront, the group of multi-instrumentalists provides an ever changing backdrop from song to song that support his potent tales of love and war, and everything in between. Having recently supported genre darlings, Fruition, as well as regional favorites Hillstomp, Cedar Teeth is primed as they prepare to release their second album, Farewell To Green Mountain.

The lead single, “Winter”, relates the hopeful anticipation of love’s blossom. “When we meet, there won’t be winters” sings Martell, his own experience guiding this tale to positive resolve. Supported by his accompaniments’ forceful finish, the group elevates an initially plucky bluegrass ballad into a rock n’ roller that exemplifies Cedar Teeth’s ability for diversity. Today Glide Magazine is excited to present an exclusive premiere of the music video for “Winter”. The video is a charming blend of animation, archival footage, and video filmed in the present day. The song itself pays tribute to the rainy and sometimes winter weather that is found in the Portland, Oregon area, and while it is certainly dreary, there is a sense of optimism and growth that comes with the first blooms of spring.


The band will celebrate this single’s release on April 1st at White Eagle in Portland. For more music and info visit Cedar Teeth on Facebook.

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