SONG PREMIERE: Walking Bombs Exude Hypnotic Psych-Folk On “Even When It Hurts”

Walking Bombs is the Woodstock, NY-based project of singer and 20+ year music journalist Morgan Y. Evans (Metal Riot, Pop Matters, etc.). Along with frequent collaborator Jay Andersen of grunge band Surmiser and many other friends, Evans creates grunge, emo, alt rock, industrial and glam-folk songs that somehow all work side by side.

“Even When It Hurts” is a ballad about overcoming depression and discouragement, whether from naysayers or the voices inside that tell you to give up. It is about how love, real friendship and finding a quiet place inside for self-care can save you. It is the third single from Walking Bomb’s sophomore album Brave Hours, a record Evans started in response to coping with his mom’s dementia, struggling before identifying as non-binary and the general ugly state of the world.

Today Glide Magazine is excited to premiere a new song from that upcoming album, “Even When It Hurts”. Says Evans of the collaborative ballad:

Jay Andersen of grunge band Surmiser, who engineered and played on a lot of my latest album, used a country Nashville tuning but played a kind of Weezer influenced arrangement and I loved it. I asked fellow Woodstock-area man about town James Felice of The Felice Brothers if he would be down to jam some accordion on it after a few beers one night and he agreed! Such a good guy and a great friend to have. It was awesome seeing Jay and James discuss cool ways of recording a more traditional instrument.

I really wanted a strong female voice on it alongside mine to give it a more dramatic, almost gospel influence. I mean, the song is about me almost dying so it is ok to get a little emotional with it, right? Elizabeth Le Fey, aka Globelamp, is like if a faerie was raised by Unicorns then was adopted by Buffy Sainte-Marie and Lana Del Rey when she came to the human world, but got really into riot grrrl and experimental bedroom folk. Over the last year she has become one of my very favorite artists, so I was thrilled she agreed to sing with me on a song about my battles with suicide attempts and depression over the years. Like me, she has often faced gaslighting, online harassment or verbal abuse and blacklisting. We are both outspoken Aries who can be either super nice and sensitive or grumpy clouds shooting lightning, so obviously I adore her to death. Elizabeth’s actual human mom liked our voices together and said I should be in her band! I am so down! Thanks, Globelamp’s mom.


Walking Bombs will release Brave Hours this coming spring. For more info and music visit

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