SONG PREMIERE: Seattle Synth-Punk Trio CHARMS Find a Means To An End On “C.O.D.”

Seattle today is a far cry from the gritty place that gave birth to grunge music in the early 90s. It is among the many cities that once had soul and have since become expensive, sanctified yuppy playgrounds. Yet, even as condos, chain stores, and tech bros continue to pop up around Seattle, the city still has its fair share of brash and intense music. Case in point is the brooding synth-punk trio CHARMS. The group fuses noise punk and what they call “necro-electro” to create a sound that is jagged, driving, and unforgiving. It’s also melodic enough that you can almost see yourself dancing to it…almost.

On June 16th CHARMS will release their debut their full length LP Human Error, a collection of songs steeped in cyber-fantasy, thick with swampy, mechanical squelching and a crackling iridescent glow. Today we are are premiering the lead single off the album, “C.O.D.”, right here on Glide Magazine. The song carries the same relentless storm of sound that can be heard throughout the new album, packed with driving, atonal layers of noise, smart lyrics and heavy drums.

On the meaning behind it, the band says, “‘C.O.D. was inspired by all that is used and abused for an individual, or an entire institution, to get what they want. It’s about the means to an end. Even if the ‘means’ is the cause of death.”


CHARMS release Human Error on June 16th on Killroom Records. For more music and info check out their Facebook page

Top photo: Lauren Rodriguez

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