ALBUM PREMIERE: PLS PLS Gets Rambunctious & Angular On ‘JET BLACK’

After 10 years, six albums, and over 1,000 shows with his former band, Dropsonic, Dan Dixon decided it was time to re-invent the wheel. Though Dropsonic had done too many tours to count and had toured with or opened for bands ranging from The Strokes, Garbage, Archers of Loaf, And You Will Know Us By the Trail of Dead, Secret Machines, Shiner, GvsB, and a whole host of others, it was all feeling decidedly… uninspiring.

Dixon started writing songs for a new project that would become PLS PLS.  The first 5 songs appeared as EP EP (released via 24 Hour Service Station), described as Joy Division meets Radiohead by Atlanta’s Stomp n’ Stammer and contained a re-imagined cover of a song called “Cocaine” with Elijah Jones from The Constellations. The uncensored version of the music video (directed by Video Rahim) reached over a million views on Youtube before it was removed. In addition, several songs from EP EP including “60’s Love Song”, “Here Come the Wolves”, and “River Song” appeared in the Magnolia-released horror film V/H/S.

The band started playing shows and recorded a full length, which was released by Los Angeles based label, El Camino Media (Veruca Salt, Self, Battle Me).  By this point PLS PLS had been building their local Atlanta following and doing occasional regional tour dates, opening for the likes of Har Mar Superstar, Albert Hammond Jr., The Life and Times, AWOL Nation, Kongos, Snowden, Gardens and Villa, Porcelain Raft, and others.

Glide Magazine is proud to premiere in its entirety, the PLS PLS album titled Jet Black (out April 7 via Slimstyle). The album contains facets of Arcade Fire’s Reflektor on the rhythmic chops of “We Don’t Scare,” while the divine synth-rock of “Super Imposition” makes for an inspirational anthem. In a scene contaminated by rather artificial rock presentations, PLS PLS incorporates synth driven rock that offers punk rock anguish along with angular and wild hooks.




(vinyl pre-order)



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