Evolfo Mixes Up The Script On ‘Last of the Acid Cowboys’ (ALBUM REVIEW)


The Brooklyn-based seven piece, self-proclaimed “rat rock” band, Evolfo are releasing their first full-length album Last of the Acid Cowboys and it is a fun ride. The players offer up a mix of garage rockin’ soul that has a clear DIY punk ethos flowing forth, from the first notes this excellent effort vibrates full of life.

The opener “Vision of Sin” is a sleazy quick little rocker that incorporates a funky horn line instead of a guitar solo, however it is the second track where the group comes fully together. “Moon Eclipsed the Sun” finds the band flashing a Black Keys sound and swagger with soothing organs, buzzing six strings and “sha-la-la” vocals, but they up the ante by injecting a mid-song funk break complete with full on horn groove that soars.

Switching gears the band gets its stomp and march on for “Bloody Bloody Knife” which again mixes up the script, this time with electro keyboard flourishes that jump into the ears as the head bang. The group experiments with some digital beats to close the disk via “Peachy” and while it isn’t the best track here, it does show the group is willing to experiment and aren’t tied to any particular style.

Evolfo can also paint quite the sonic scene, tracks like “Science”, “Frank the Fiddler” and the title effort all are grooving mixes of dark swing and hard rock using spooky undertones, fuzzy bass and blaring horns. “Last of the Acid Cowboys” in particular is propelled forward by non-stop drums while the others can get a bit more spaced out.

The group can easily vacillate from the sweet and soulful of “Don’t Give Up Your Mind” (which is so polished it could have come from the world of Daptone) to full on revival with “Luv Like A Freak” that pulls from early 60’s dusty soul lp’s to the shambolic spaz rock of “Rat City”, a fast burner of calories and fretboards.

This album is a dynamite debut and Evolfo are clearly a group to keep an eye on as their talent, craftsmanship and playing are all exhilarating. Grab Last of the Acid Cowboys before contently riding off into the sunset.   

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