SONG PREMIERE: Bluegrass Cover Masters Iron Horse Take On Nirvana’s “Drain You”

Based in the legendary music town of Muscle Shoals, AL, the quartet known as Iron Horse have forged a career performing and recording bluegrass covers of other people’s songs. Though the group has written and recorded plenty of their own material, their unique ability to bluegrassify rock and roll favorites has brought many a fan to their shows and albums. To date, Iron Horse have released tribute albums with awesome names such as Fade To Bluegrass Vol.2 (Metallica), Black & Bluegrass (Ozzy Osbourne), and Whole Lotta Bluegrass (Led Zeppelin) among others. Occasionally, they make departures from the classic rock canon, such as with their bluegrass tribute to The Shins. This is a tradition they have been carrying on since the 90’s and one that has undoubtedly won them fans who didn’t previously like bluegrass.

Now the group is putting the bluegrass touch on grunge with Pickin’ On Nirvana: The Bluegrass Tribute Featuring Iron Horse, which is due out on April 28th via Los Angeles-based CMH RECORDS. They will also release a special vinyl Record Store Day first release on April 22. The Nirvana tribute collection continues the tradition CMH began in the 90’s with Pickin’ On The Beatles.

Today Glide Magazine is excited to premiere Iron Horse’s take on one of Nirvana’s most legendary songs, “Drain You”. Compared to the pop-laced heaviness of the Nevermind classic, Iron Horse’s version is lighter and more upbeat…maybe it’s the banjo. In place of Kurt Cobain’s thrashing riffs we get some fine, almost jovial mandolin picking and full group harmonies. That being said, this rendition is nothing if not faithful and is guaranteed to please bluegrass and grunge fans alike.


Pickin’ On Nirvana: The Bluegrass Tribute Featuring Iron Horse is due out on April 28th via CMH RECORDS. For more music and info visit

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