SONG PREMIERE: Gage Brothers String It Authentically With “Where Can I Go”

When Ohio-bred and based brothers Ben and Zach Gage sat down one Sunday afternoon in 2014 to kick around some harmonies and share their love of old folk tunes, the siblings had no idea at the time that this simple starting point would launch a speedy and successful musical path.
Just a year later, the pair would release their debut album as the Gage Brothers titled Take it Back, which quickly earned them recognition as one of Northeast Ohio’s most acclaimed local bands. And now, again, just one season later, The Gage Brothers are poised to release their sophomore self-titled follow-up on May 5.

“We have seen a lot of changes since we started, be it in our music, society or relationships — love lost, and heartaches a-plenty,” notes Ben. “So, this album holds songs all about changes, and how they affect who and what you are.”

One of the biggest changes they’ve experienced is right in the lineup. The brothers were able to join forces with two of Cleveland’s superlatively talented locals, whom they also consider close friends and “honorary siblings”: Brendan O’Malley on mandolin, and Chris Volpe on banjo. “It has let us take our sound to the next rung on the ladder,” says Chris of the newly expanded group. “We are loving every minute of the climb.”
The new release also benefitted from a home-based approach, having been recorded in Cleveland and largely self-produced by the band. The end result was a sonic slam-dunk nailing exactly what the band was seeking to achieve: A collection of organic-sounding, sparkling-yet-straightforward roots music.

Glide is premiering “Where Can I Go,” (below) off their new self-titled album. The quartet incorporates sweet idealism along with emotive vocals and a string band authenticity is purely bona fide. While their sound might evoke comparisons to other popular string artists, Cage Brothers run from a different line that remains unadulterated and honed in its Midwest surroundings.

“Where Can I Go is about feeling lost and finding solace in something important, be that god, love, or friendship,” says Zach. “Through that search you find your place in a world where you don’t always feel like you belong.”

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