SONG PREMIERE: Rod Melancon Beckons Rowdy Times With Catchy Rocker “Redhead”

Most people probably don’t think about Southern Louisiana too often, if at all, but Rod Melancon is aiming to change that. If you’ve been to this swampy landscape you may know that the region is rich in culture, and part of that culture has always been music. Rock and roll is a natural byproduct of a place steeped in Cajun and Zydeco, blues, and R&B, and rock and roll happens to be Melancon’s bread and butter. On his forthcoming album Southern Gothic, due out June 16th via Blue Elan Records, the dapper rocker takes a look inside the place where he grew up and puts the people and stories to music in what can be described as dark Americana and workingman’s rock and roll.

Today we’re excited to premiere one of the obvious singles on the album, “Redhead”, right here on Glide Magazine. The tune brings to mind Jason Isbell at his fiery best with a dose of Jerry Lee Lewis’ rocking country swagger thrown in, making it a perfect anthem for a whiskey-soaked night on the town. This is music for getting rowdy and not giving two shits, but more importantly, it demonstrates this young artist’s ability to write songs that feel ready for the mainstream without being too watered down. Above all else, the song offers a fun departure from the darker material on Southern Gothic, and there is plenty of that.

“With ‘Redhead’, I wanted to allow the listener a chance to come up for air. A bit of a break from the troubled characters they met before on this new Southern Gothic album. Something for the smoke filled dance halls,” says Melancon.


Rod Melancon drops Southern Gothic June 16th on Blue Elan Records. For more music and info visit

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