VIDEO PREMIERE: Willodean Explore Claymation World With Twangy Power-pop Tune “Firefight”

Combining indie-rock, power-pop, and American roots music with beautiful arrangements and crystalline studio sound, Willodean succeed in crafting a unique and catchy sound that demands listening. Each of the band’s members has a diverse musical background: the southern roots of front man Abbie Huxley, the smart, McCartney-esque songwriting of Randy Wooten, and the indie rock edge of producer/bass player Eric Holden.

On May 19th the band is releasing the second of four EP releases planned for 2017. Fires, Cars, and Autumn Stars will be released on Bigger Better More Records, a record label run by the band’s very own producer/bass player Eric Holden. While their first EP, Awesome Life Decisions: Side One showcased the band’s appreciation for pop melodies and guitar muscle, Fires, Cars, and Autumn Stars takes a modern Americana-tinged approach to ballads.

Today Glide Magazine is excited to offer an exclusive premiere of Willodean’s “Firefight”. The claymation video serves as the perfect complement to the song, which is a twangy power-pop nugget with soulful vocals and majestic piano stylings.

Band member and songwriter Randy Wooten reflects on the inspiration behind the song:

With “Firelight” I simply wanted to write an innocent, happy love song. I had been in a phase of coming up with more introspective and cathartic lyrics and needed a breather. It’s not always easy to say “I love you” in a song because it’s been done so many times done so many times and in such fantastic ways. The song that kept popping into my mind was Harvest Moon by Neil Young. I liked the idea of an elderly guy singing this to his wife, still being in love with her after 50 years. So those were the characters in my mind.


Willodean release Fires, Cars, and Autumn Stars on May 19th. You can purchase it HERE. For more music and info check out

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