SONG PREMIERE: Queen Hilma Sing Charming Folk Harmonies On “Where Did You Go?”

Hailing from the small Wisconsin city of Green Bay, sisters Andi and Alex Peot have been garnering attention at the leaders of the four-piece band Queen Hilma. Some may recognize the sisters’ beautiful blood harmonies and guitar-strumming from their time on The Voice. Despite their appearance on such a mainstream show, with Queen Hilma Andi and Alex create charming folk-rock that draws influences from respected indie acts like Sufjan Stevens and Fleet Foxes. The sisters also posses a keen pop sensibility that makes it clear their sound is destined for bigger audiences down the road.

Queen Hilma are gearing up to release their new EP I Feel Better. The EP serves as chapter two to the debut Is Everything Ok?, and was produced by Howard Redekopp (Tegan & Sara.) Each of the releases chronicle the downfall and eventual end to Andi’s engagement. Today Glide Magazine is premiering the new song “Where Did You Go?”. The charming folk tune may strike you as melancholy on first listen, but there is a beauty and a sense of hope to it that is heightened by the sisterly harmonies of Andi and Alex.

Reflecting on the story behind the song, Andi says simply, “‘Where Did You Go?’ was written during the year and a half that Alex and I spent apart. This song is for anyone who can’t be with the person that they love.”


Queen Hilma release I Feel Better this summer. For more music and info visit You can also pre-order the album on iTunes. 

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One thought on “SONG PREMIERE: Queen Hilma Sing Charming Folk Harmonies On “Where Did You Go?”

  1. Mark S Reply

    I’m pretty sure their EP “Is everything ok?” wasn’t all about Andi’s ex. Maybe two out of four. For James is about James From their former band She The Monster.

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