SONG PREMIERE: Lunar Electric (Dre DiMura) Offers Blazing Ferocity on “Barnburner”

Lunar Electric formed in 2014 as an outlet for the original work of guitarist Dre DiMura. They released their eponymous debut EP in 2015. Following the release, DiMura spent the next two years caught in a whirlwind of film, television and international touring, working alongside legendary director David Fincher on an unfinished project for HBO, appearing on Nickelodeon with RnB singer, Ciara, and playing hundreds of shows across the globe with Evol Walks and Palaye Royale. At the start of 2017, and at the urging of close friends in the industry, he returned to the tracks that would eventually become Auracle Bone Scriptoriginally recorded in May 2015, and dove headfirst into a production cycle that would last only 7 weeks, but produce a re-imagined EP and 14 minute music video. An edgy blend of glamorous raw power and cerebral art rock,  Auracle Bone Script is a loaded gun with enough stopping power to take the world of modern music by storm. The new EP will be released June 23, 2017.

Glide is proud to premiere “Barnburner” (below) off  Auracle Bone Script, a gritty track that with the hell-bent ferocity of the New York Dolls while incorporating modern twists that remind listeners of the Arctic Monkeys. DiMura has a rock foundation that blurs the genres and rekindles the almost lost art of capturing a true rock song in four minutes.

“I wrote ‘Barnburner’ from several fragments, adding a line at a time, sometimes single lyrics that stood totally on their own,” describes DiMura. “Over time though the song took on a clear meaning for me which I explored in the video. It’s really about the beauty of our human disfunction. About exploring the sexual and material urges society tells us aren’t truly fulfilling, to whatever ends. That can really show you a lot about yourself. There is a lot of repression, people are afraid to feel good.”


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2 thoughts on “SONG PREMIERE: Lunar Electric (Dre DiMura) Offers Blazing Ferocity on “Barnburner”

  1. Vince roberts Reply

    Oh yeah! Rock ‘n’ roll powerful I’m afraid in your face and incredibly enjoyable. Can’t wait to hear more.

  2. Jay Irwin Reply

    This song rules!

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