SONG PREMIERE: Valenti Funk of The Effinays Steps Out With Synth-Funk Tune “Some Mo'”

Dallas group The Effinays have spent a decade steadily building a loyal fan base eager to get down to their heady blend of reggae, funk and rock. The group’s keyboardist and drummer Valenti Funk is a one-man rhythm section, known for his ability to play both instruments at the same time. Valenti is a vital member of the group and also works with funk-disco up-and-comer Ronnie Heart. Despite such a busy schedule, the multi-talented instrumentalist, composer, and producer has also spent years working on his own material. Now he is gearing up to release a proper solo album titled simply Valenti on June 7th via his own record label, Clear Zebra. The June 7th release date was decided in honor of the birthday of the late Prince, who Valenti recognizes as a major influence, even going as far as getting “The Love Symbol” tattooed on his body. The stamp of the Purple One is undeniable in Valenti’s dance-ready brand of funk fusion. Perhaps no song on the album embraces Prince as “Some Mo'”, which we are excited to premiere on Glide today. 

The song is loaded with synth, combining soul and disco with a modern club feel to create a sound that is monstrously funky. In other words, it sounds like a total party. To give the song it’s thick groove and turn it into something of an anthem, Valenti enlisted the vocal prowess of Dallas-area singer LaLa Johnson.

In Valenti’s own words, the song “is a good summertime, ‘feel good’ song that everyone needs to have playing through their headphones, house system, and turned up loud while in the car!”


Valenti Funk releases Valenti on June 7th. For more music and info visit

Photo: Dennis Webb Jr.

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