VIDEO PREMIERE: Moon Hooch Trip Out in the Cathedral of St. John The Divine with Performance of “Why Not?”

Every band has a list of venues they dream of playing, and though it’s tough to say for sure, one can only imagine that the members of Moon Hooch were blown away by the opportunity to bring their saxophone-driven dance music to one of the world’s largest churches. It was the historic Cathedral of St. John The Divine that served as the venue when Moon Hooch came through NYC on October 23rd, 2015. The band’s performance was part of The Value of Food, a large multimedia exhibition and series of public programming, in keeping with the Cathedral’s long history of engagement with issues of social justice, the environment, support for the arts, and community involvement.

On June 30th Moon Hooch will release their performance at the Cathedral as their first ever live release. It will also be accompanied by a DVD, and today we are excited to share a snippet of the performance with the pro-shot “Why Not?” The song’s breakneck speed and psychedelic abrasiveness prove conducive to the sacred hall of the Cathedral.

Moon Hooch’s Wenzl McGowen reflects on the song, saying, “We wrote this song a couple of years ago, but I remember vividly how it felt to hold one note and feel its emotional value as if it was made out of thousands of singing voices. It probably was the first time that I really connected to the contra bass clarinet.”


Moon Hooch release Live at the Cathedral on June 30th. For more music and info visit

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