SONG PREMIERE: Joanna Lee’s “Drinking By Myself” Boasts Wondrous Pipes & Stunning Soul

Joanna Lee is readying her much-anticipated debut album So Free on Cutmore Records. From the albums empowering title track ‘So Free’, the heartwarming ‘Sunshine’ to the flirtatious ‘Back To You’, So Free is a remarkably confident debut brimming with ear catching, beautiful melodies and heartfelt, memorable lyrics. Possessing an astonishingly, explosive voice, JoAnna lee brings soul-filled country tracks such as the lead single ‘The Real Thing’ and the emotionally heartbreaking ‘Drinking By Myself’. Blending powerful pop tunes with beautiful, soulful melodies, ‘So Free’ is truly a debut album unlike any other.

Singer/Songwriter, JoAnna Lee grew up in a musical family. With her grandmother on piano and her grandfather on harmonica, she quickly learned how to play from the heart at a young age. From only six years old performing for the first time she recalls even back then knowing she had to chase it – describing the feeling of playing like no other. Fast forward 20 years later, singer songwriter JoAnna Lee moved to Austin Texas, from a small town in Oregon, several years ago to fully pursue her passion for music. There she found many musical doors opening for her as word spread about her incredible talent. Catching the attention of platinum selling producer Dwight Baker, JoAnna had a great opportunity to work closely with him and develop her sound.

JoAnna’s break came when she was invited by Les Cutmore to open a show for the legendary Deep Purple at the Dubai International Music Festival, shortly after JoAnna signed to Cutmore Records. JoAnna Lee has a uniquely captivating vocal style that is sure to leave an impression on fans and critics alike. So Free is confessional, to the point and drenched in emotion.

Glide is premiering “Drinking by Myself” off So Free, which showcases Lee’s throaty soulful pipes recalling Grace Potter, Susan Tedeschi and Brandi Carlile. Lee’s vocals play the part of three instruments on this self-confessional ode to having one too many, as it expressively hits the listener in all the right spots and might raise a goosebump or two.

“The morning I woke up after writing ‘Drinking By Myself’ my memory was super foggy and I had felt as though I was hit by a train,” recalls Lee about the drinking track. “I then realized that’s usually the way you feel after drinking two oversized bottles of really cheap wine. Then everything came rushing back to me. Recently going through a heartbreak, I had been feeling all the emotions of the rejection, so I set out with a plan all by my lonesome self.”

“One, I was going to sit there on my living room floor and drink as much as I possibly can while feeling ridiculously sorry for myself,” explains Lee. “Two, I was going to write and sing out the incredible hurt and pain I was keeping in. Then three, I promised myself I would never think of that person again and I would from that moment force myself to move on. That is exactly what I did. I am just really thankful for the really rough recording on my phone I made of the writing process or else I probably would have never remembered what I had created. “


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9 thoughts on “SONG PREMIERE: Joanna Lee’s “Drinking By Myself” Boasts Wondrous Pipes & Stunning Soul

  1. Jeannie Sousa Reply

    I love my daughter JoAnna Lee she has sung out my life story.
    So proud!

    • John McDermott Reply

      She is wonder and beauty mixed with talent and her moma’s Rhythm… You should be peoyd Jeannie ..
      Inspiring JoAnna

    • Joni Hibdon Reply

      Jeannie, I’m super happy for JoAnna Lee and her success. She’s simply amazing. Love that she’s following her heart and know that who she is is only possible because of who you are. Congratulations, Mama! XO! Joni

    • Cynthia Hevenor Dempsey Reply

      Wow! congratulations Jeannie! What a lovely daughter! And such a beautiful talent! I’ll share this with Kim, Michael and Mom. I always remember your fantastic voice and talent! Love to you and your family. Cynthia

  2. Paul Reply

    Wow, what a great song by this girl, cannot wait for the album to be released..

  3. Sue Reply

    Some wonderful new talent !!! Absolutely love this track..

  4. Marcus Reply

    She’s great !!!

  5. Pete.w Reply

    love this girl’s voice !!! 😉

  6. Steve... Reply

    Well what a voice!! She’s fantastic,
    actually just went on iTunes and purchased her CD.. Love this girl,,, need to see her in concert !!!… please please..

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