SONG PREMIERE: Tom Irwin Brings Sly and Soulful Hooks To John Stirratt Produced “Welcome to Loneliness”

Born a sixth-generation central Illinois resident, singer-songwriter-musician Tom Irwin, uses his long-standing local roots as a sound base for a worldwide view of a life in the music arts. The 50-something, guitar playing guy, called “a modern day troubadour” by John Stirratt of the Grammy-award winning rock band, Wilco, spent a lifetime making a living making music in the Midwest with occasional forays into the rest of the country. When Stirratt played a gig at the Castle in Bloomington, Illinois with Chicago rockers Candy Golde (Bun E. Carlos, Nick Tremulis and Rick Rizzo), Irwin’s group the Hayburners opened the show and caught the ear of the acclaimed bassist, vocalist, multi-instrumentalist and arranger. It took a few years of scheduling to get it all together, but the outcome of the collaboration is All That Love, the latest music collection from Irwin and one that “catches the vibe these songs needed,” according to Stirratt.

The song selection on the record bridges a lifetime of writing with some tunes recently penned, a few others that were written over thirty years ago and whatever else John and Tom agreed to from the hundreds of original compositions in the prolific songwriter’s back catalog. Stirratt enlisted members of his other band The Autumn Defense, including New York City’s Greg Wieczorek, aka, G. Wiz, on drums (Norah Jones) and Chicago-based musician and owner of Lakland Music, John Pirruccello on 12-string guitar and pedal steel. The multi-talented Scott Ligon (NRBQ, the Flat Five) played an assortment of instruments including piano, organ, accordion, bass and guitar. Theresa O’Hare added flute to the title cut and Paul Von Mertens (Brian Wilson, Poi Dog Pondering) blew sax on the song, A Maybe Moon. Irwin’s hometown band, the Hayburners covered the sounds for three songs on the record with Stirratt playing bass, acoustic guitar, odd sounds and background harmonies as needed. The recording took place at Wall to Wall studios in Chicago, a downtown studio staple for 40 years that was recently demolished to make way for luxury condos.

Glide is proud to premiere “Welcome to Loneliness” off of All That Love (below), a charming song of creative wistfulness that showcases Irwin’s quiet strength and penchant for lending his “live to tell” experiences to tape. Irwin offers a voice of hope and reason that sounds unique in its foundation and delivery, making him a unique vocal presence speaking with a folksy directness that is involuntarily magnetic.

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2 thoughts on “SONG PREMIERE: Tom Irwin Brings Sly and Soulful Hooks To John Stirratt Produced “Welcome to Loneliness”

  1. John Robert Brown Reply

    Tom Irwin delivers with a homespun familiarity that opens us up to a deeper look at human emotion and the struggle to love and be loved. Irwin is never afraid to lighten the mood. What would All That Love Be without joy? The is cd delivers on both counts. It truely is a breath of fresh air.
    Buy it.

  2. Elizabeth Brown Reply

    Tom Irwin has always been a master for imagery. Welcome to Loneliness is no exception. I’ve spent the entirety of my life with Tom in my ears, and opened countless people up to the joy and tears he creates with his melodies and lyrics. All That Love will be the same. Another page in the book of my life, laughter and tears as I live alongside this amazing man. Tom Irwin is a craftsman rare in this world today. He can be enjoyed by everyone in the family, and I expect that each member will have a different favorite song.

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