VIDEO PREMIERE: Folk-rockers Cedar Teeth Play “Two Bottles” at Portland’s Doug Fir Lounge

When The Band and Bob Dylan retreated to a little house known as Big Pink deep in the woods of Upstate New York, the goal was to escape the madness of touring through big cities, dealing with crazy fans and members of the press, and to be able to catch their creative breath. Amongst the trees and woodsmoke the musicians found inspiration and recorded some of their most legendary work. While they may not be superstars, the members of Oregon band Cedar Teeth take a similar approach. The group inhabits the wooded foothills of the Cascade Mountains in a tiny town called Colton, and though they aren’t far from Portland, their environment directly informs their unique brand of melodic, sweeping folk rock. Given their background, it should come as little surprise that the five members of Cedar Teeth draw influences from groups like The Band, Fleet Foxes and Wilco, but with a distinct element of Pacific Northwest bluegrass.

Earlier this month Cedar Teeth released their new EP Farewell to Green Mountain. The collection of songs captured the rustic spirit and natural chemistry of the group, as well as their ability to craft gorgeous instrumental textures, catchy melodies and soaring vocal harmonies. It also establishes them as one of the talented acts to watch currently playing around the Pacific Northwest.

Farewell to Green Mountain may be freshly released, but the band has plenty of other tunes up their sleeves. One of those is called “Two Bottles”, and today Glide Magazine is excited to premiere a live performance of the song. Recorded during a set at the venerable Doug Fir Lounge back in February, it features Erin Corzine on banjo and vocals. The song straddles the line between an old timey sound (maybe it’s the banjo?) and a sort of gothic Americana. The video captures the way the members of Cedar Teeth each bring their own individual talents to the table to create a unified and powerful group sound.

WATCH the video for “Two Bottles”:

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Photo credit: David Greenwald

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