SONG PREMIERE: Christos DC Puts Reggae Spin On Classic Greek Tune “Ρoλόι κομπολόι (Watch Rosary”

Christos DC (aka Chris Vrenios) is a Greek-American artist, producer, and touring multi-instrumental musician based in Washington, DC. His multicultural sensibility and heart for roots music have been influential in shaping the reggae scene locally and around the world. To date, Christos has worked with legendary reggae and world music acts like Sly & Robbie, Thievery Corporation, Akae Beka, and GRAMMY-nominated icon Don Carlos.

Christos DC’s fourth album release Tessera (the number four in Greek), to be released on July 28th, mines the deepest wells of reggae’s talent pools while highlighting a diverse range of styles. The album features a wide range of talent, such as up-and-coming Bulgarian artist Zafayah, production powerhouse unit The Skankin Monks, Akae Beka (Vaughn Benjamin of Midnite), Harrison Stafford, the voice of Groundation, and Kenyatta Hill, son of the legendary Joseph Hill of Culture.

Today Glide Magazine is premiering Christos DC’s roots reggae take on the classic Greek tune “Ρολόι Κομπολόι (Watch Rosary)”. Embellished with epic horn and flute arrangements, Christos sings in Greek to a classic reggae beat, demonstrating how cultures from across the globe can flow seamlessly together through music.

“What really struck a chord with me in this song, Ρολόι κομπολόι (pronounced rolói kompolói), is the cadence of the singer’s voice,” Christos explains. There is something in his delivery that reminded me of reggae music”. It was written as a lament of love. He decides to give away the watch for rosary beads that was given to him by his love as he wonders as time passes if she really loved him. My family emigrated from Greece in the early 20th century, I decided a few years back that I would produce a reggae cover of a traditional or classic Greek song in honor of my heritage and the genre of music that I have produced and performed for almost two decades now. The new album Tessera, (the number 4 in Greek), resonates with vibrations of patience, discipline, devotion, dignity, honesty and integrity, justice, passion and drive. All that is relevant the songs on deck.”


Christos DC will release Tessera on July 28th. For more music and info visit

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