ENTER TO WIN: Two Pairs of 2-Day Passes to COMATOPIA 2017 With The Brothers Comatose, Hillstomp and More!

Presented by The Brothers Comatose and (((folkYEAH!))), Comatopia 2017 harkens back to the days of the Wild West with the beloved music festival heading to Bandit Town USA. Located 35 minutes from the South Entrance to Yosemite National Park in North Fork, Calif., Bandit Town USA is a one-of-a kind late 1800’s-inspired concert venue ready to entertain caravanning concert-goers this summer with Comatopia 2017. Hold onto your hats and tie-up your horses at the Bandit Town USA saloon, The Brothers Comatose belly up to the bar from August 11-13, 2017 with their best Comatopia lineup to date. For more detailed information, please visit: comatopia.com

Curated and headlined by The Brothers Comatose, Comatopia 2017’s artist roster features the whiskey soaked powerhouse The Sam Chase & the Untraditional, the junkyard blues rock duo Hillstomp, troubadour/comedian/storyteller extraordinaire John Craigie, indie-folk trio Rainbow Girls, psychedelic folk rocker Marty O’Reilly & the Old Soul Orchestra, master songwriter-entertainer Willy Tea Taylor, Pacific Northwest string slingers and singers Crow & the Canyon, songstress Ismay, rock ‘n roller John Courage, and a special appearance by The Brothers Comatose’s very own punky-tonk side project, Buck Wild & the Boss Hossers.

Following many years of performances at amazing festivals all around the country, it was time for The Brothers Comatose to take their favorite aspects of each festival and pour them into their very own creation. Encompassing the essential components that shape unforgettable festivals — community, friends, family, the outdoors, kickball, and of course, live music — Comatopia was born in 2015 and has become an annual darling of the summer festival circuit.

Highlights of Comatopia include featured sets by all the bands, back-porch jams, friendly kickball tournaments, onsite camping, drinks at the saloon, wedding chapel, nearby swimming holes and hot springs, and the irresistible beauty of central California for all to enjoy!

3-Day tickets include access to the festival with camping ($145) and without ($105). Bandit Town USA is located at 55420 Road 226, North Fork, CA 93643, and tickets are available on Eventbrite.

3rd Annual Comatopia Ticket Information:
3-Day Passes with camping are available on a limited basis until sold out.
Comatopia is a family-friendly music festival; no admission fee for children 10 and under.

Glide Magazine is excited to team up with Comatopia to give away two (2) 2-day passes to two (2) different winners for this year’s festival. This does not include Camping and Parking, which is an additional $20. In order to enter, please like Glide on Facebook and leave a comment below telling us which act you are most excited to see at Comatopia in August.  The winner will be picked randomly.  The deadline to enter is July 21, 2017 at 11AM PST.

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52 thoughts on “ENTER TO WIN: Two Pairs of 2-Day Passes to COMATOPIA 2017 With The Brothers Comatose, Hillstomp and More!

  1. Melanie Frakes Reply

    Always want a chance to see Buck Wild and the Boss Hosser’s!!

  2. Molly Saville Reply

    I’ve been hoping to see The Brothers Comatose for a long time, but east coast appearances are infrequent…guess I’ll have to head West to get my wish!

  3. Mikayla Reply


  4. Amanda Abelar Reply

    I would be most excited to see the Brother’s Comatose themselves as well as Rainbow Girls!

  5. Jenna Brimage Reply

    The sam chase and brothers comatose! I really hope I win!

  6. Kelly Reply

    Would love to see BC and buck wild and the boss hossers!! Seeing BC at the Marin JCC this weekend!!

  7. JZ Reply

    John Craigie! And The Brothers, plus Sam Chase, and hopefully, a mish-mash of all three of them!

  8. Rebecca Stevens Reply

    Well, I would love to make my happy monkey noise in a new to me setting. I always enjoy wiggling and stomping to BroCo. They make my faceparts smile-filled.

  9. Mia Reply

    Super excited about so many… Brothers Comatose.. Sam Chase.. Marty O’Reilly.. and Rainbow 🌈 Girls! 💕✨🌟🙏🤗👊🏻

  10. Jeff Reply

    BroCo, Craigie, Willy, Hillstomp, Ismay..!!!!

  11. Derek Dill Reply

    I’ve unfortunately missed the last two Comatopias and I would love to see The Brothers Comatose in Bandit Town! Also wouldn’t mind seeing Crow and the Canyon! Fingers crossed

    • Katelyn Tolbert Reply

      Yeaaahhh brother!

  12. Haley russo Reply

    Willy Tea!

  13. Jeannine Giordan Reply

    Sam chase! Rainbow girls! Brothers Comatose! How can I choose one!!

  14. Lindsay Reply

    Can’t wait for BroCo, Craigie and Sam!

  15. Molly Marshall Reply

    I cannot WAIT to see the Mr. John Craigie live! Hoping for Sam Chase and the Rainbow Girls to join in on a set as well.. Major fan of Chasing The Crainbows 🙂

  16. Aimee Perlstein Reply

    BC obviously but also Craigie!

  17. Natalie Andrews Reply

    I see the Brothers Comatose every chance I get. I’ve never seen them in a Festival setting and would love to make that happen this summer!

  18. Amy Arendt Reply


  19. Cat melone Reply

    Brothers como for sure! Love crow and canyon too though😻🎶🤞🏻

  20. Camille Capasso Reply

    I can’t wait to see John Craigie! A man of many talents. I love his music as well as his sense of humor!

  21. Allison Essman Reply

    Just discovered Brothers Compotose in June and am HOOKED. I think I may need an intervention for the song Valerie…. very excited to hear about this festival and a chance to see them again!!

  22. Nancy Reply

    The Bros and Sam Chase!

  23. Andrea Petretti Reply

    We love the Brothers Comatose and would love to join the festivities!

  24. Rebecca Reply

    Brothers Comatose playing drew me into wanting to go to this festival. Their shows are excellent. Willy Tea Taylor and Hillstomp I’ve been really wanting to checkout. I know the rest will be good! Sounds like fun! So excited tickets will be given away! Thanks and good luck!

  25. Tami Darden Reply

    Would love to see Crow and the Canyon again, but the whole lineup looks good!

  26. Dan Dawson Reply

    There will be lots of great bands but I am looking forward to the Bros. C. the most. Saw them earlier this year and it was killer.

  27. Elisabeth Pilgrim Reply

    Of course The Brothers Comatose and also would like to see Rainbow Girls!

  28. Diana Hainlen Reply

    No question most excited to see Brothers Comatose! But the rest of the band’s are awesome so it’s like icing on the cake to see them too.

  29. Lauren Myr Reply

    BROCO BROCO BROCO BROCO!!! pick me pick me!!!!

  30. Melissa Aiello Reply

    Always excited for a chance to see BroCo!

  31. Trisha Gallaway Reply

    Brother’s Comatose all the way!!!

  32. Vanessa Reply

    So excited to see buck wild and the boss hossers!!! Love you guys! <3

  33. Kathleen C Tan Reply

    The Brother’s Comatose! Rainbow Girls <3 Marty O’Reilly!

  34. Molly Reply

    Brothers Comatose won me over at Winter Wondergrass in 2015 and I would joyfully travel from Steamboat Springs, CO to see them and whomever they have chosen to play at Comatopia!

  35. Christine Miller Reply

    Attended the first Comatopia in Calpine while 5 months pregnant, would LovE to bring my toddler to show off her dancing skills!

  36. Amy Reply

    The Comatose Brothers!

  37. Ann Reply


  38. Brendan Kinsey Reply

    Brothers comatose for sure!

  39. Jennifer Jeans Reply

    Tie for Buck wild and the Boss Hoggers and Willie Tea Taylor!!

  40. Emma Reply

    I look forward to seeing many of the featured artists, but my heart is always the most happy when ANY of the members from different bands pluck a tune together.


  41. Kathy lassa Reply

    My family loves brothers comatose! We go dance our butts off every year to your music, this year we thought we would not be able to see you,what happened to Mountain Sage, or strawberry? I do have to say this show sounds better than them all!! Would love to take the family. 🤗😊😁😍

  42. Eric McKee Reply

    Marty o Reilly and bros co fo sho

  43. Richard Oliver Reply

    Brothers Comatose ! Would be able to record all acts on main stage.

  44. Naomi Reply

    Willy Tea Taylor! I actually just discovered his music. And I’d love to see the Brothers Comatose again, I saw them last year in Alaska.

  45. Sada Jones Reply

    I’m most excited to see the Brothers Comatose!!! (Of course!)

  46. Nicole Reply

    I’m all about BroCo, but I sure hope our favorite sisters join favorite brothers! 😉

  47. Katelyn Tolbert Reply

    THE BROTHERS COMATOSE, duh. I’m stoked that I was able to be a part of the first annual Comatopia and even more stoked that this year the event is much closer to my city! Can’t wait to see you guys again.

  48. Anna Godinho Reply

    So excited to see Bro Co at a venue 15 minutes from my house! Love you guys!

  49. Schmatie Poppins Reply

    Crainbow Girls (Craigie & The RGs)

  50. Jaymee (Rossi) Jensen Reply

    Besides Brothers Comatose & Boss Hossers *yeee!* I’m excited to see Hillstomp!! Straight outta Oregon they grace the Humboldt Hoedown yearly with their Two Man Hard Driving Band! Bet they’ll be a great to hear next to BroCo, and that the patrons will love the hard driven Thrash Grass!

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