Pullin’ ‘Tubes: Wonder Muppets Edition

If Shakedown Street is the sketchiest block in all the neighborhood, then Sesame Street is clearly the funkiest. The kids are pickin’ up what Stevie’s layin’ down…

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I’m not claiming this is the freshest clip on the cyberwebs, but even if it’s an oldie to you, it’s always pleasant to force-feed yourself some Stevie Wonder throughout the year. I mean, talk about slapping down some serious funk…then as we pan out, you just realize that this is a friggin’ Sesame Street taping from April 1973. Good lord, now this is a musical education. I joked earlier this week that Nancy Pelosi is the new Bill Graham, but I may have sold Jim Henson short in this whole equation. Stevie, take us away with a little Superstition:


And now, little man, I give this watch…to you:

  • If Sesame Street ain’t your bag, here’s a somewhat poppier and rockier Superstition from MTV that features the other famous musical Stevie. Well, it’s not Nicks, so I guess I didn’t limit the options far enough. I was referring to Stevie Ray Vaughn there. A reader named Matt D. sent me that link, along with the line “How the hell did MTV go from that to Laguna Beach?” The answer, Matt? Youth is wasted on the young.
  • Everyone’s waiting for the inevitable reunion announcement from the popular rock band Phish. That can wait, methinks. It’s actually God Street Wine that tops my list of Bands That Must Reunite Soon, if only for a night. I’ve often conjectured that I’m one of 100 people in the world that own all five GSW studio albums, and some of my fondest memories involve those guys strumming in the background. Here’s Borderline from 3/3/98.
  • I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if I walked by the following bag of ragtag musicians playing for change in Grand Central Station. They just look so…ordinary, no? Just take one look at Eric Gale on the guitar; that guy looks more like an extra in Uncle Tom’s Cabin than a traditional rock star. But the music, she is incredible. These dudes do it right — here’s Paul Simon with a cool cast of characters on Late In The Evening.
  • Let’s finish this one post with some rapid-fire haulin’: Jimmy Cliff on the tube, Neil Diamond hangs with Johnny Cash, and we go Walking on the Moon with Gordon & Company.

An HT Tip: If you read Pullin’ ‘Tubes regularly, you won’t make much money, but you’ll get more pussy than Frank Sinatra. The Hawk told me that.

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  1. Hmmm, interesting distinction you make there. You’re probably right about the difference, but I’m sticking to the five number. The Hollow Frog treasury of haiku off Who’s Driving is worth the disc alone.

    GSW in 2007, someone should buy that URL. Do it.

  2. I never heard Good To The Last Drop until recently, great stuff. The Dear Prudence cover is pretty cool but the originals are played with incredible emotion.

  3. As I’ve said (to people who really don’t care) before, GSW must come back. There are still hundreds upon hundreds of female names that are crying out for song titles. You’re telling me that Lo Faber doesn’t have about 900 verses of lyrics that rhyme with “Condoleeza”?

  4. what I would give to see GSW once more. My chances were few and far between, underage and in the midwest made it kind of tough. Saw ’em open for the Crowes at the Aragon, and the Dear Prudence still is a lasting memory 10 years down the road.

    I never knew of the existence of Good to the Last Drop, but I’ve got everything else. I’m going to have to seek that one out.

    little know fact: my short-lived high school band (Obviously) covered Princess Henrietta

  5. From my understanding “Good To The Last Drop” was pretty much a mail-order only 2 disc that they sold through their website – don’t think it was available in stores.

  6. I would almost rather see a GSW reunion than a Phish reunion.

    Perhaps it’s time for another edition of VH1’s Bands Reunited.

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