SONG PREMIERE: Fred Wickham Explores Dixieland Sounds With “People Talk”

Sometimes it’s good to embrace the past, especially when it comes to musical styles. Kansas City, MO-based indie-folk/Americana artist Fred Wickham does exactly that with his down home style of music that draws on Dixieland jazz, bluegrass, country and old timey Appalachian sounds. There is something comforting to Wickham’s approach to music, which perhaps comes from the honesty and simplicity of the sounds and lyrics he creates. This is certainly true for his new album Mariosa Delta, which drops on September 29th. 

The album is definitely a departure from Wickham’s roots-rock/alt-country background with its laid back rhythms and thoughtful lyrics. Mariosa Delta was produced by notable Midwest music figure Lou Whitney (Wilco, Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin, The Morells), making it the the last LP Whitney produced before his death. Perhaps it’s no surprise that the album focuses heavily  on the tolls of death, grief, crumbling relationships and total loss. Wickham tackles these dark themes throughout the 13-track set of unexpectedly upbeat country/Americana tunes featuring honky-tonk piano, bluegrass-inspired fiddle, and New Orleans/Dixieland jazz-tinged horn accompaniments.

Today Glide Magazine is excited to premiere the tune “People Talk” a buoyant, shuffling track that leans heavily on Wickham’s Dixieland sensibility. The song features thumping upright bass, emotive strings, and twinkling keys, evoking a sense of a time long gone without feeling stale or rehashed.

Reflecting on the inspiration behind the song, Wickham has this to say:

“Ever walk into a room with a friend and everyone looks at you like ‘something must be going on with those two?’ Even when nothing at all is going on? That’s pretty much what ‘People Talk’ is about. Its usually better to shrug it off than get worked up over something like that, hence the lighthearted nature of the song.

I love Sam Platt’s brushwork on this song and Richard Burgess’s upright bass is just perfect. Joe Terry plays a great piano solo and Dave Wilson’s fiddle has that Stephane Grappelli feel that ties the whole thing together. Not jazz but kind of jazzy. I think everyone was very happy with this track.”


Fred Wickham releases Mariosa Delta on September 29th. For more music and info visit

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