SONG PREMIERE: Mosquitos Conjure Dreamy Psychedelia on “Counting the Days”

The members of Mosquitos – singer Juju Stulbach, singer and multi-instrumentalist Chris Root, keyboardist-programmer Jon Marshall Smith  – are as close to Brooklyn as they are to Brazil and you can hear it in their music. Since 2003 the group has been crafting a completely original sound that fuses indie pop and bossa nova along with plenty of other fascinating influences thrown in along the way. During the time they have been a band the group has spent over a decade living in Rio de Janeiro and Oaxaca, places of which have definitely influenced each of their releases.

They will be releasing their 4th album Mexican Dust on Six Degrees records, August 18th. Recorded in Manhattan but shaped by the creative energy of a decade-plus spent in Rio de Janeiro and Oaxaca, Mexican Dust finds the group searching for the elusive concept of Home while further expanding their unique “micro-universe of tropicalia-punk-folk.” Though it’s definitely true to the Mosquitos’ worldly sound, many of the songs are shaped by the years Juju Stulbach and Chris Root have spent in Puerto Escondido, Oaxaca. It’s also their first record in over ten years, making it a welcome return for such a talented group with a world of intriguing sounds at their disposal.

Today Glide Magazine is excited to premiere the song “Counting the Days”. The song incorporates a melange of captivating sounds anchored by Juju Stulbach’s dreamy voice and a playful, loping bass line. It brings to mind the technicolor psychedelia of the Flaming Lips and the percolating dream pop of Luna while also sounding completely its own. Describing the song, Chris Root says simply, “It’s a collage of moments and inspirations, into some kind of search. The longing of the spirit for home.”


Mosquitos release Mexican Dust on Six Degrees records August 18th. For more music and info visit

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