Hanson/Meiko: House of Blues, Anaheim, CA 10/10/11

It is crazy to think that Hanson has been playing professionally for nearly 20 years.  The three brothers (Isaac, Taylor and Zach), found success with their highly successful hit, “MMMBop” in 1997, and since then, have managed to maintain their loyal, if not obsessive, fan base of young girls.  Fast forward to 2011 and the young girls have become twenty to thirty-something women, but their unyielding love is still apparent.

Their recent tour, “The Musical Ride,” allowed fans to vote for their favorite album that Hanson would play in its entirety for each night.  Their fifth major studio album, This Time Around, was the record chosen for the House of Blues date in Anaheim.
Upon entering the venue, my anticipation of witnessing crazy female fan behavior at a Hanson show was later satisfied when the band would hit the stage.  However, prior to the evening’s main attraction, Hotel Café waitress turned singer-songwriter, Meiko, played a short acoustic set.

Meiko performed for a solid half hour filled with tracks from her self-titled debut and some new songs that have been introduced on this tour.  After her set, she was found at the merchandise table and when asked if she was performing a song with Hanson, she smiled and quietly said, “Not yet! I’m not quite there yet.”  A cute response from the charming Southern belle, who also acknowledged the high level of fame that Hanson has achieved over the years.

The estrogen level in the House of Blues reached great heights when Hanson began their set.  They opened with “Musical Ride,” a track off of their latest album, Shout It Out.  Mixing their set list with newer tracks and of course the classic, “MMMBop,” loyal Hanson fans harmonized, danced and screamed at the top of their lungs throughout the entire evening.  It didn’t appear that they were playing This Time Around in track order, but by the end of the night, fans didn’t seem to care. 

It is both amazing and impressive that Hanson can still bring in solid ticket sales after almost twenty years.  Even in the present Bieber fan craze, the Hanson brothers can teach music industry newcomers a thing or two about longevity.

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