Lydia Loveless: Indestructible Machine


This is one spark-plug of a new artist we got right here.  Lydia Loveless Bloodshot Records debut Indestructible Machine kicks ass, leaving a a scattered wake of creepy stalkers, shot glasses and bibles as it blows by.  Loveless was reared on country twang, but came of age in the adolescent rage of punk rock and both can be felt wrestling with the singer/songwriter throughout the release.

Helping matters along is a whip-crack backing band whose banjo strums up a electrical storm on “Bad Way To Go” and then swiftly escorts tears into half filled pint glasses via the bar-stool honkytonk of “How Many Women”.  Adept at supporting Loveless when she feels like getting weepy, drunk or feisty (sometimes all three in one tune) the group can roll with the punches and deliver a few of their own. 

The focal point no doubt however is Loveless herself who shows off a wide range with her words and performance.  It is staggering that she is just 21 years old and already this immensely talented.  She can smirk via her lyrics, like on the fantastic “Jesus Was A Wino Too” or retreat into her own insecurities on “More Like Them”.  Her voice warbles with trembling heartbreak, or blasts out defiant rage; Loveless’s songs burn with an earnest fire as they spin tales of late night happenings and a few bad decisions.  

Whether she keeps up the whiskey and wailing of “Do Right” or travels the more scaled down honesty route of disk closer “Crazy”, things are sure to remain interesting as this Indestructible Machine rolls on. 

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