Sheather Fest 2017 Is Do It Yourself/Non Profit Festival Like None Other (PREVIEW)

Sheather Fest is unlike any festival in the country. Held this coming September 9 and 10, 2017, in Knights Ferry, California, the idea for this musical gathering was born out of  love and appreciation for one dude in England, David Sheather, and his wife, Sue. Arguably one of the finest music fans in the modern day music world, Sheather possesses a voracious appetite for music and a desire to dive deep into the song to understand what makes it what it is and also what drives the musician playing it. But then he often takes it a step farther. Sheather likes to bring musicians he loves together. This guy, way over the pond, will send random emails to his favorite players and introduce them to music and musicians he thinks they will dig. Then, before you know it, those musicians become friends and begin playing gigs together. In this way, Sheather has literally brought musicians and bands from around the world together and in contact with one another and great friendships blossom as a result. This man has helped to forge a musical community that is flourishing internationally.

He’s done so much and brought so many together than the musicians themselves decided to throw a festival in his honor. The festival, Sheather Fest, celebrates everything that is good in music, the shared brotherhood and sisterhood, the good times that a gathering of this kind brings, the fans that these musicians play to and the beautiful world in which these songs can be played. Sheather Fest is held in the historic, tiny little river town of Knights Ferry, California about two hours east of San Francisco. The actual festival will largely be held at The River’s Edge Restaurant that boasts a gentle grass slope that slides toward the stage and, behind the stage, the Stanislaus River – flowing – right there.

This festival is non-profit in the extreme sense of the phrase. The money made simply pays bands and covers the expenses. That’s it. Sheatherfest, like Dave and Sue Sheather themselves, pays back into the community upon which it wants to shine a light.  YOU need to see this and be a part of it! Bands include The Good Luck Thrift Store Outfit, The Harmed Brothers, The Hooten Hallers, Willy Tea Taylor, Tom VandenAvond, Mike Clark and the Sugar Sounds, McDougall, The Naked Bootleggers, and many more…

This is a family friendly event, camping is available and tickets are moving. To get your tickets follow these instructions:

To purchase a ticket:

Text (209) 493-2291 with your name and how many tickets

Send money via PayPal to

Make sure you spell Ericka correctly

Be sure to put your name with your payment if you’re paying with a different credit card to ensure your name gets on the list.

So come out to this one of a kind, homegrown festival where the tables are turned and a fan is celebrated by bands the way bands are normally celebrated by fans!


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