ENTER TO WIN: 2 Tickets to Catch Lukas Nelson & Promise of the Real On Tour and a Signed Vinyl

Lukas Nelson is blessed with a measure of musical ability imparted by his father, musical legend, Willie Nelson. Lukas and his band (Promise of the Real) have played hundreds of shows and major festivals around the world, spending many years as the backing band for Neil Young. Young has been guiding Lukas and the band on their new album.

On August 25th Lukas and the band released their self-titled album on Fantasy Records and will be setting out on a fall tour with Nikki Lane. The album’s sensational lead track “Find Yourself” features Lady Gaga on vocals. Lucius and Willie Nelson also make appearances on the album. In his recent review of the album, Glide’s Doug Collette had this praise to offer:

“Lukas Nelson and Promise of The Real features a kinder, gentler version of the band that barnstormed concert stages and so ably accompanied Neil Young in the studio the last few years. On this, their self titled third full-length studio album, the ensemble appears in an expanded six-piece form, a reconfiguration focused on the increasingly high-profile of its leader that, at least for now, dramatically redefines the group.”

Check out this enlightening behind-the-scenes short film on the making of the album:


Glide Magazine is excited to team up with Lukas Nelson & Promise of the Real to give away two (2) tickets to one (1) winner to a concert of their choice (listed below)* and a vinyl copy of the new self-titled album signed by the band. In order to enter, please like Glide on Facebook and leave a comment below telling us which city you would like to see the band in this fall.  The winner will be picked randomly.  The deadline to enter is September 20, 2017 at 11AM PST.

*Concert tickets do not include travel expenses

The winner of the concert tickets is able to attend one of the shows below:

– 10/4 Los Angeles, CA
– 10/8 San Francisco, CA
– 10/10 Dallas, TX
– 10/11 Austin, TX
– 10/14 Houston, TX
– 11/1 Chicago, IL
– 11/2 Urbana, IL
– 11/3 Minneapolis, MN
– 11/4 Milwaukee, WI
– 11/5 Detroit, MI
– 11/10 Birmingham, AL
– 11/11 Atlanta, GA
– 11/12 Durham, NC
– 11/14 Philadelphia, PA
– 11/15 Baltimore, MD
– 11/17 Portland, ME
– 11/18 Woodstock, NY
– 11/19 Rutland, VT


Photo credit: Myriam Santos

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130 thoughts on “ENTER TO WIN: 2 Tickets to Catch Lukas Nelson & Promise of the Real On Tour and a Signed Vinyl

  1. Amberley Giesbrecht Reply

    Minneapolis, MN !!

  2. Patricia Hammond Reply

    Austin, Texas!!

  3. Billy Engvall Reply

    Portland ME. 😀

  4. Debbie Robertson Reply

    Chicago I’ll. Thank you

  5. Tammy Austin Reply

    Durham NC :))

  6. Elizabeth Cristofolini Reply

    Milwaukee, WI
    I have been Tweeting all about you guys! I can’t wait to see what you bring to country music. I know its hard to try and fill your Dad’s shoes. But the truth is DON’T TRY. Be yourselves and enjoy what you do. That’s what matters and that’s what fans want. There will never ba another Willie, but im betting there wont be another Lukas either. Good luck boys. See ya soon!!!

  7. Renee Reply

    Saw them on the lynyrd skynyrd cruise and have been a huge fan ever since

  8. Renee Reply

    Durham NC

  9. Julie Kramer Reply

    Milwaukee, Wisconsin!!!

  10. Kathy Roberto Reply

    San Francisco please

  11. Lisa Larson Reply

    Minneapolis, MN

  12. Lindsay Martin Reply

    Los Angeles please!

  13. Catherine Donarumo Reply

    Nov. 14, 2017
    Philadelphia, Pa.

  14. Erica Parry Reply

    Definitely Dallas. God bless Texas

  15. Jordan Burk Reply

    DALLAS, TEXAS!!!!!!

  16. Kim Molaschi Reply

    Yes plz, love to see this show!! Ty!

    • Kim Molaschi Reply

      Chicago 11/1

  17. Justina Ellis Reply

    Woodstock, NY! ❤️

  18. Chris Davis Reply

    Would love to go to Houston. Take it easy and thanks for taking a stand.

  19. Jennifer Sutherland Reply

    Milwaukee, WI!

  20. Greg Spadea Reply


    • Christina Anderson Reply

      Philadelphia or Portland, ME

  21. Saralou Reply

    Milwaukee Wisconsin

  22. Barbara Edmondson Reply

    Durham NC!!!!!

  23. Lisa Cook Reply

    ATLANTA, baby!!

  24. Curt Springman Reply

    Los Angeles

  25. Lori Benfield Reply

    Durham NC

  26. Mike Millar Reply

    L.A. Baby!

  27. Tera sue Reply

    💕💕Milwaukee, wi

  28. Phyllis Ford Reply

    Love his music and his dad’s
    Atlanta, Ga

  29. Sara summers Reply

    Owensboro KY at the convention center

  30. Melissa Reply

    I’m seeing them with it without free tickets in Atlanta, GA but thank you for the chance Glide!!!

  31. Susan Reply

    Would love to see these awesome guys again and in my hometown of Rutland Vermont! Great venue-great city❤️

  32. Holly Keeler Reply

    Woodstock, NY

  33. Randy Perry Reply

    Atlanta Please!

  34. Kathy Fracalossi Reply

    Woodstock NY please!!!!!!!

  35. Amy Reply

    No Indiana shows? 😢

  36. Beth Reply

    Urbana, IL

  37. Mark Dickerhoff Reply

    Vermont! My Birthday and never been there.

  38. Elizabeth Arrowood Reply

    I would love to see them in Detroit Michigan

  39. Elizabeth Arrowood Reply

    I would love to see t Detroit Michigan

  40. Chris Madore Reply

    Portland Maine

  41. Shirley Royal Reply

    I DEFINITELY want to win ticket to see Lukas Nelson and Promise of the Real perform in Philadelphia! What a great birthday present that would be ..BEST EVER!

  42. Jolean Sylvia Reply

    Minneapolis Minnesota!

  43. Linda Reply

    Urbana, Illinois

  44. Lisa Shockley Reply

    Durham, NC

  45. Cheryl Jarema Reply

    Detroit, MI

  46. Debi Mode Reply

    I would really love tickets to see you guys in Durham NC

  47. Annie Reply

    San Francisco, Ca.

  48. Marcquitta Hamm Reply

    Dallas, Texas, please

  49. Jennie Arent Reply

    It would be FANTASTIC to see Lukas Nelson & Promise of The Real @ Philadelphia, Pennsylvania❤

  50. Tim McGee Reply

    San Francisco, California

  51. Lisa Gorman Reply

    Woodstock, NY

  52. Sam Blankenship Reply

    Dallas, Tx

  53. Jazz Reply

    San Francisco California

  54. Amy Rapp Reply

    I’ve never been to Austin, TX and it’s been on my bucket list. I would love to see Lukas and Promise of the Real there. Thank you for the generosity of this contest.

  55. Yusuf Nasrullah Reply

    In bossy BOSTON, Massachusetts – where Irish ditties meet Italian lilts and the muezzin’s call from the masjid!

  56. Laura Mitchell Reply

    Birmingham, AL!!
    I would love to see them!!

  57. Erika Claus Reply

    Urbana IL

  58. Amy Jackson Reply

    Atlanta or Hot Springs would be so cool!

  59. Eric McKee Reply

    San Francisco, CA

  60. jason f Reply

    Love to see him in Balitmore MD. Awesome

  61. Brandon Lee Tallent Reply

    Urbana, IL!!!

  62. Zinna Heavener Reply

    I would love to see Lukas in Dallas tx!!

  63. Zinna Heavener Reply

    I would love to see Lukas perform in Dallas Tx. !!

  64. Keith Howard Reply


  65. maranda Reply

    Woodstock NY 😀

  66. Katie Napoleon Reply

    Detroit, MI

  67. Pamela Gibson Reply

    Dallas, TX

  68. Terry Wells Reply

    Houston Texas

  69. Beth dunbar Reply

    Urbana, IL pls!!

  70. Nancy Van Horn Reply

    Philadelphia PA

  71. Mary Bauer Reply

    Dallas, TX

  72. Bronwyn Reply

    Baltimore, MD please!

  73. Aimee Reply

    Dallas TX

  74. David Kraai Reply

    Would love to see them at Levon Helm Studios in Woodstock, NY !!!

  75. Billie Reply

    Houston Texas!

  76. Dian Banks Reply

    Austin, Tx

  77. Chrissy Hammond Reply

    Austin, TX please! 🙂

  78. Ginny Brophy Reply

    Woodstock, NY!!

  79. mary Reply

    Woodstock NY

  80. Brooke Morrill Reply

    Rutland, VT

  81. James Wheelock Reply

    Philadelphia, PA
    It’ll be my 50th birthday & I live near Philly!!! ❤️

  82. Stephanie Reply

    11/12 Durham, NC, please please please please please please please please 🙂

  83. Katie greaves Reply

    Just saw you at outlaw fest in Camden nj….amazing would love to see you in Philly!!!

  84. Bob Hinrichs Reply

    Milwaukee!!! For the win!!!

  85. Jessica Edwards Reply

    Detroit MI for the win

  86. Ken Russ Reply

    Detroit, Michigan

  87. Janine Reply


  88. Linda Heckert Reply

    Philadelphia PA
    Lukas Nelson and POTR rocked Farm Aid 2017! ❤🎶

  89. Karl Bensman Reply

    Chicago Illinois

  90. Turna Paige Reply

    Dallas, Tx

  91. Steve Watson Reply

    Dallas, TX

  92. FK Floyd Reply

    I’d love to see you in Austin!

  93. SuePhelps Reply

    Minneapolis MN 11/3/2017.

  94. Rache Reply

    URBANA….. taking my mom for her bday!!

  95. Allison Reply

    Atlanta, GA

  96. Denise Reply

    Durham, NC

  97. Sarah Reply

    Woodstock, NY

  98. Jessica McIlvaine Reply

    11/14 in Philadelphia! It’s my birthday! It would be so fantastic to celebrate with Lukas Nelson and The Promise of the Real! Thanks!

  99. Robin Reply


  100. Marjorie Lynn Wells Reply

    Houston Texas

  101. Jason Wooten Reply

    Los Angels Plz

  102. Erica Gee Reply

    Woodstock, NY !!!!

  103. Bret Burnikel Reply

    Minneapolis, Mn. #420

  104. Deborah Reply

    Baltimore, MD
    Love Lukas Nelson & Promise of the Real!

  105. Robi Reply

    Los Angeles, CA

    When I first heard “Find Yourself” it was as if he knew exactly what I was going through with my (now ex). Can’t get tickets for LA so would love to win a pair!

  106. Jo Anne Tipps Reply

    Sorry I Missed you in Capistrano California, in August, when dates were changed, because my Daughter had already bought me tickets to see Willie in Portland Oregon for my Birthday !

    I still would LOVE to see you in LA area !

  107. Valerie Spoerle Reply

    Milwaukee, Wisconsin
    Love the new album!!

  108. Ray Wilkes Reply

    Durham, NC!

  109. dabney Pennybacker Reply

    Atlanta 11/11

  110. Nita Deen Reply


  111. dabney pennybacker Reply


  112. Alane Reply

    Minneapolis, MN

  113. Denise Drake Reply

    San Francisco, CA

  114. Ciera Urichich Reply

    11/1 Chicago, IL 💚

  115. Jason Reply

    Woodstock NY

  116. Stacy Waldron Reply

    Woodstock, NY

  117. Jacquelyn Weiser Reply

    I like Glide magazine on facebook and in real life !!! Thank you for the opportunity to see Lukas Nelson and Promise of the Real in PHILLY! Folk yeah!!

  118. Kelsey DeMarco Reply

    Woodstock, NY!!!

  119. Brandon Nielsen Reply

    Oshkosh, WI for next years Waterfest would be great, but I’ll settle for Milwaukee, WI.

  120. Billie L Reply

    I would love to listen to you in Minn for my husband birthday!

  121. Jeff Guyeska Reply

    Detroit…that day will be our anniversary

  122. Dan Byrne Reply

    Milwaukee WI

  123. Jace Lane Reply

    Dallas, TX

  124. Mark Viggiano Reply


  125. Robin Rose Reply

    Los Angeles, so need this now with friends in Las Vegas and all going one. thx

  126. Markus Mark Reply

    Woodstock, NY

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