Mimi Page: Breathe Me In


If you’re not familiar with Mimi Page, then you’re missing out. In addition to having released two solid EPs in 2011—A Lullaby for the Lonely and Love Will Tear Us Apart—Page has been garnering attention on iTunes’ electronic charts, MTV, Sirius XM Radio and Terrestrial Radio for her chilling, ethereal vocals and her incredible musical variety. Encompassing the genres of trip-hop, dance, poptronica, piano pop and down tempo, Breathe Me In is quite the calling card for anyone who is just learning about this promising singer-songwriter.

Whether singing seductively on “This Fire” or infusing her words with empathy in “Black Valentine” or relief and contentment in “Jigsaw,” Page demonstrates considerable vocal prowess throughout as she whispers, sings evenly or reaches for the heavens with her words depending on the emotion that each moment requires. And the vocals aren’t the only noteworthy aspect of this record either. Like your dance music dark? “Black Valentine” should be right up your alley. Want to hear an encouraging piano ballad when you’re feeling blue? “New” is gorgeous and haunting all at once, and “Jigsaw” feels completely at ease with itself from start to finish. Toss in dashes of hypnotic dance music, Asian influences, and the kind of drum ‘n bass stylings that will have Photek fans paying attention and you have a recipe for one of this year’s most intriguing, diverse releases. If you want a new musical experience you won’t regret, check out Mimi Page and start with Breathe Me In.

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