SONG PREMIERE: Erin & the Wildfire Keep it Slow and Soulful on “Great Love”

Charlottesville-based band Erin & The Wildfire have been steadily carving out a reputation for themselves in recent years as one of the most captivating live acts to come out of Central Virginia. Formed in 2012, the group is fronted by powerhouse vocalist Erin Lunsford and have been making waves throughout Virginia with their unique sonic melting pot of rock, soul, and funk. The group’s striking sound, goofy charm and relentless work ethic has propelled them to some of the Commonwealth’s biggest stages and they have set their sights even higher with the upcoming release of their long-awaited debut album, Thirst, which is out on September 29th via Red Dust Music. The album manages to capture the energy and fun of the band’s live performances. Their penchant for balancing the sweeter, more soulful moments with danceable funk and rock is heard throughout this impressive collection of tunes. It also establishes them as an act to watch, signaling to the world that this ambitious group of talented young musicians are ready to take their music to audiences well beyond their home state of Virginia.

Today Glide is premiering one of the more slow and sensual tunes from the album. “Great Love” is a perfect vehicle to show off the huge vocal chops of Erin Lunsford, who sings her heart out and displays her wide vocal range. With her talented band holding up the groove, the song takes on a smooth and soulful sound with just the right amount of funk to keep it lively. 

Erin Lunsford shares her own story behind the song:
“‘Great Love’ is almost satirical venting about how finding a love that is vast and great seems impossible and unattainable. This one feels like a true ballad to me with the 6/8 feel and the belting chorus.”


Erin & the Wildfire release Thirst on September 29th. For more music and info visit

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One thought on “SONG PREMIERE: Erin & the Wildfire Keep it Slow and Soulful on “Great Love”

  1. Cheryl Lunsford Reply

    HIGH NOTES SOAR taking Love ballad and singer/songwriter, Erin Lunsford Way Beyond a Great Love!

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