SONG PREMIERE: Canyon City Offers Folksy Triumph With “Find You”

Mixing his indie-folk roots with pop hooks and sparse, airy production, Nashville-based songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and producer Paul Johnson releases Constellation on 10/6/17, his second LP as Canyon City.

The record arrives one year after Canyon City’s debut, Midnight Waves, a viral hit whose soft-spoken songwriting has racked up an audience of over 750,000 monthly Spotify listeners and over 16.5 million streams. Just as he did on that career-launching record, Johnson wrote, performed and produced Constellation himself, working alone in his home studio. You can hear that sense of intimacy throughout the album’s ten songs, whose lyrics spin stories of love, struggle, and personal journeys. Rooted in the quiet strum of Johnson’s acoustic guitar and the hushed croon of his voice, Constellation shines bright during moments like “Midnight Flight” — a quiet anthem about seizing the moment, while fully acknowledging the moment is fleeting — and “Find You,” a warm, woozy travel song.

Glide is thrilled to premiere “Find You”off Constellation, displaying Johnson’s warm earnest singing amongst a melancholy backdrop of soothing acoustic guitars. Johnson triumphs with a minimalist approach, proving that his delicate delivery and perfectly chosen notes, enables a song to magically convey a time and place.

“‘Find You’ is all about the journey of reconnecting with what and who matters,” says Johnson. “I think it’s human nature to let time kind of be a drifting current, and this song came from a place of wanting to wake back up, be intentional and in-the-moment.  Production-wise, ‘Find You’ is like my version of musical comfort food, the melody sneaking in and out of acoustic lines echoes nights when I was a kid and could hear James Taylor being played in the room next door, which always gives me kind of a sense of distant familiarity. I guess in a way that’s what this song is about for me – rediscovering the old while on the path forward.”

“Find You” releases on iTunes and Spotify on September 8th.

Photo by Jordan Merrigan

Canyon City Tour Dates

October, 18. 2017
Canyon City & Friends – Nashville Album Release Show
Nashville, TN

October 20, 2017
Rockwood Music Hall (Stage 1)
New York, NY

October 27, 2017
Canyon City Live @ Hotel Cafe
Los Angeles, CA

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