Some Saturday Afternoon Peaches

After reading the setlists from the last few nights of Trey Anastasio’s December run, a guy I know has taken to calling this the Please Love Me Again Tour.

Alumni Blues and Sex Machine in Boston, The Landlady and Peaches en Regalia in Albany — what’s in store for Atlantic City this weekend? A Lushington bustout? A complete Gamehendge with full narration? The long overdue and inevitable Fluffhead? I’m all for the tossed in nostalgia, if it helps Trey elevate his game back to a high level. And by the looks of this video from last night’s show at The Palace Theater, these fuckers can definitely pull it off (thanks to PT for the vid):


As a point of reference, let’s jump back in time to June 23, 1989:


Anyone manage to grab a video of Alumni Blues from the other night? I’ve only been waiting more than half my life to see it live. Lucky fucking Boston.

Related video: Suck on this quasi-crappy video of Zappa’s Peaches en Regalia

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