SONG PREMIERE: Devin Sinha Brings Colorful Storytelling To “The Waiting” – First Single From New LP ‘Our Fathers Were Lions’

On Our Fathers Were Lions, Seattle, WA songwriter Devin Sinha has grown into the compositional and lyrical force hinted at on 2016’s Our Past and Present Futures. Sinha crafts elegantly structured songs from a carefully chosen sonic palette which confidently unroll at their own pace, lifting you along with them. Precise, deceptively complex arrangements wrap themselves around the core of the melody, giving the record an airy breadth and filling it with a profound sense of space.  

 The record swings and sways; Sinha is as at ease moving through soaring broad-stroke strumming over propulsive rhythm as he is with plaintive strings and delicate finger picked guitar; all anchored by a voice as deep and clear as the high mountain lakes about which he sings (Juniper Lake”.) “In almost all of my songwriting, I approach lyrics and the outline of a melody separately from the fuller arrangements” explains Sinha.  “While some songs on this album came naturally, with others I spent months in revision trying to eke out the right melodies.” There’s a true warmth to Our Fathers Were Lions, whether Sinha is drawing inspiration from a Celtic reel in “Soldering On” or an Americana dust-up on “Fireman.”     

When it came time to craft the arrangements, Sinha turned to longtime producer Dylan Fant (J. Minus). “My goals were for both of us to grow on this project” says Sinha.  “I wanted to push myself beyond what I’d written in the past, and Dylan was very open to proposing new ideas. Additionally, this time around I had already collaborated with other artists to better flesh out the ideas for many of the songs before coming into the studio.” On Backslider, for example, Sinha had long wanted a string quartet to accompany the guitar, and before bringing the track to the studio collaborated with Seattle’s own Andrew Joslyn (Macklemore) on cello, viola, and violins.  

Glide is proud to premiere “The Waiting” (below) off Our Fathers Were Lions, displays Sinha’s other worldly vocal delivery that spells that of a tried and true story-teller. Sinha proves to be one of the country’s most vastly underrated singer-songwriters: one that can offer generations tales and songs that reverberate and rejuvenate. 

“The Waiting is a song that inspires hope in a tough time,” says Sinha. “I wrote it from a perspective of the struggling artist – not only struggling with finding an audience, but finding purpose in life.  The album is called Our Fathers Were Lions, and this song includes lines where the narrator is comparing where he is in the literal and metaphorical stages of life to where his ancestors have been.  While the majority of the song is about trials, it ends with a hopeful look toward the future.”




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