Male Bonding: Endless Now


The poppy-punk trio of Male Bonding may not have the best band name in rock and roll but they craft some catchy tunes that will have you shimmying along for the brief (32 minute) full length release, Endless Now.  Nothing here is going to weigh down your mind or soul, but sunny tracks like “Tame The Sun” will put a smile on anyone’s face and the quick changing “Seems To Notice Now” is just one of the single worthy jingles. 

The tunes cook with a guitar/drum/bass flow, slightly distorted at times to keep things vibrating around the edges.  A good example of this is “Channeling Your Fears” which motors straight ahead while “Bones” is the heaviest track, but these London punks never make things to weighty or evil. “The Saddle” is a break from the pack with a cello and piano funneling the slow song and giving the band an extra dimension.  Everything is nice and neat (if never overly urgent or important) for the band on Endless Now and fans of pop-punk will find a friend in Male Bonding.      

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