SONG PREMIERE: Crowd Company Make The World Funkier With Disco-Soul Tune “Take Off The Crown”

London-based Crowd Company, the critically acclaimed 8-piece funk soul outfit, have been gaining fans on both sides of the pond with their energetic live shows and tight, danceable songs.The band is a combination of organ, horns, three singers –Rob Fleming, Esther Dee and Jo Marshall, and a lot of funk. The different voices all lend a singular vibe to each track, almost like you’re at an intimate live performance with a tight groove that won’t let go. The group aims to capture that magic on their upcoming album Stone & Sky, which is due out October 20th on the newly minted indie imprint Vintage League Music (VLM), founded by Soulive’s Alan Evans. Evans also produced the album, adding his own funkified insight to Crowd Company’s already soulful sound.

Today Glide is premiering “Take Off The Crown”, a song that hits you right away with a funky organ line, delightful harmonies and a disco-soul sound. With this track you can hear every member of the 8-piece band making an equal contribution as they lock into an infectious groove that invites the listener to dance along. In other words, Crowd Company ain’t nothing to funk with. 

The band shares their own insight about the inspiration and process behind the song:

“For ‘Take Off The Crown’ we started the writing process with the music which was focused on groove and catchy hooks. We then created lyrics inspired by some of the madness we are seeing in the world and in particular politics today. We wanted to address that and how better than to write to a heavy groove that makes us wanna move. We ended up having a good old vent. I love songs for that!

We started to think about the power struggle in relationships of all sorts, whether that be an intimate partnership or between two world leaders. On a personal level, how to be heard and accepted but also take responsibility. So I guess it’s about finding ‘another way’, some sort of balance and resisting the blame game…part of that is letting go of the ego and ‘Taking off the crown’, which is of course, work in progress!

We recorded the song in fabulous conditions recording at Iron Wax studios in Massachusetts, a fabulous experience for a band from London England. Alan Evans (Soulive) produced the track and created the ideal working conditions and sound for us to realize our vision for the song.”


Crowd Company release Stone & Sky October 20th on Vintage League Music. For more music and info visit

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