SONG PREMIERE: Little Coyote Craft Gorgeous Melodies and Complex Instrumentals on “The Bottom”

Toronto-based trio Little Coyote formed in 2015 and they’ve already come a long way. Their debut album The Trouble With Teeth was funded by a Canada Council for the Arts grant, showing that they clearly were onto something. The band’s sound and aesthetic draws influence from Whitehorse, YT, the birthplace of lead singer Teagan Johnston, who sings with confident soul. The band also finds inspiration in their fellow Canadians, specifically the Toronto scene that includes Metric, Stars and Broken Social Scene. ‘Little Coyote’ is Teagan’s Yukon nickname and musical alias, and she is happy now to share the name with bandmates Byron Patterson and Mike Poisson . Each of the three band members bring diverse artistic backgrounds to Little Coyote.

Together they are able to create an exciting new space in music that marries their vast influences of folk, alternative and progressive rock, through classical piano, ethereal guitar, driving percussion and synth. Their one of a kind sound can be heard on their first full length release The Trouble With Teeth, which is out October 13th on EggHunt Records.

Today Glide is premiering “The Bottom”, one of the standout tracks on the album. The song begins with a solemn piano before Teagan’s emotional, airy vocals cut in and immediately command your attention. Then the band elevates the song into a sprawling and catchy indie rock opus, pushed forward by the beautiful vocals and a melange of sounds and tempo changes. Though they may be a young band, Little Coyote’s advanced ability to write powerful melodies and complex musical arrangements is on full display with “The Bottom”, establishing them as an exciting group to follow. 

Reflecting on the origins of the song, Teagan has this to say:

“’The Bottom’ was written when at I first moved Toronto. I was feeling really far from home and felt like things kind of could get any worse, and wondered if you know it was like my ‘reaching the bottom’ and things would get better from there, or if people even really get to have those moments? I’ve since them come to realize I don’t think you really get just one ‘bottom’ moment, because life is happening all around you and it’s much bigger than you, and the highs and lows are constant. The only thing that really matters is that you keep going.”


Little Coyote release The Trouble With Teeth October 13th on EggHunt Records. For more music and info visit

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