SONG PREMIERE: Thunder Body Share Soulful Reggae Tune “Worried Woman”

Spearheaded by partner duo and former Giant Panda Guerilla Dub Squad members Matt O’Brian (drums, vocals) and Rachel Orke (keys), Thunder Body has a wide range of influences from dub and dancehall, to soul and beyond. With a three-piece horn section the band is able to pack a strong sonic punch that is similar to the reggae grooves of Giant Panda Guerilla Dub Squad but more soulful in its sound.

On October 13th the band will release their new album Solstice through the unique non-profit Rootfire Cooperative. Solstice will be the Rochester-based band’s third full-length offering and first under the Rootfire banner. The album was recorded in two sessions, one before, and one after the birth of Matt O’Brian and Rachel Orke’s son in 2013. The album explores topics from the micro to the macro. From creating new life, to tuning in with nature, to deeper outlooks on universal spirituality, Solstice finds a beautiful balance between deeply personal reflections and universal themes.

Today Glide is presenting an exclusive first listen of “Worried Woman,” one of the standout tracks on Solstice. The song is a charming look at relationships, presented with a reggae dub groove and a touch of soul that is amplified by the horn section. It also highlights the band’s ability to craft beautiful melodies that fit perfectly into their laid back reggae sound. 

Reflecting on the origins of the song, Matt O’Brian has this to say:

“‘Worried Woman’ was originally written and performed in what would come to be the adolescence of Rachel and Matt’s relationship, way back in the GPGDS days. Though continually physically together in all facets of life at the time (and after), Rachel could not be certain that Matt was all hers. Dimension is added to a love song when the subjects play in the band. This song was requested back into rotation by Jeremiah (bassist in Thunder Body) as the band took shape, and eventually made this record. Matt plays the signature guitar line on this studio recording, and often live, in which case Dennis plays drums. There’s always new irony with old love songs. ‘Worried Woman’ appears on Solstice 13 years into Rachel and Matt’s storied saga.”


Thunder Body release Solstice on October 13th. For more music and info visit

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