SONG PREMIERE: Emily Herring Mixes Texas Country and Feel-Good Americana Vibes on “The Best Thing I’ve Seen Yet”

Emily Herring is the embodiment of true Texas music. Witness Gliding, Herring’s fourth record, produced by legendary instrumentalist Steve Fishell and releasing October 27 on Austin-based Eight 30 Records, delivers all raw emotion with a voice branded at birth for honky tonks. The daytime auto mechanic and nighttime singer-songwriter effortlessly infuses her new collection with equal measures swagger (“Millers in Milwaukee”) and sway (“Best Thing”). “I found an immediate connection with Emily,” Fishell says. “Her voice rings like Rosie Flores did in the 1980s when I played with her during the Los Angeles cowpunk movement. She has that energy and fire.”

Gliding shows both while deftly balancing sharp songwriting with endlessly energy. The singer-songwriter isn’t afraid to tap into the honeyed Americana sounds of fellow Texans like Kelly Willis or dive straight into Marty Robbins-style yodeling. If there’s one takeaway from Gliding – besides Herring’s true talent as a songwriter – it’s her ability to embody all of the things that make Texas music so special.

Today Glide is excited to premiere the touching tune “The Best Thing I’ve Seen Yet”, a song that shows off Herring’s sweet Americana vocals with a touch of Texas twang that gives the song a hint of Bob Wills. There is no denying the catchiness of the tune as well as the way Herring’s vocals and lyrics about love make you feel warm and fuzzy inside. 

“’The Best Thing I’ve Seen Yet’ is the only song I’ve written to give as a gift,” Herring says. “Also, I had the recording session booked, so I decided that I would write a song featuring my producer Steve Fishell on the Weissenborn guitar. I love so many songs he’d played that exact instrument on, so there was the added bonus of tying my song to those. It was a spur of the moment idea and I ended up writing the whole song on sticky notes probably about a week before the session started.”


Emily Herring releases Gliding October 27th on Eight 30 Records. For more music and info visit

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