VIDEO PREMIERE: Fox and Bones Deliver Crisp Power Folk On “Love Me Like a River”

Fox and Bones is a conceptual folk collaboration between American songwriters Sarah Vitort and Scott Gilmore based in Portland, Oregon. The internationally touring folk duo combines lush harmonies and a complex, heartwarming lyrical landscape with soft-spoken yet rich musical accompaniment.

Glide is proud to premiere the video for “Love Me Like a River” that reflects with the prowess of Hozier with Fleetwood Mac pop overtones that make for a modern day power folk duo.

“To us, “Love Me Like a River” is the poster child for our evolution as a band,” says Vitort. “Our first album had an organic, mostly acoustic sound; with the help of producer Dominik Schmidt and engineer Matt Greco, “Love Me Like a River” is a radio-ready folk-pop track with more of a Fleetwood Mac feel. The video is the manifestation of that evolution as well. Shot, directed and edited by Michael James Nipper, the “Love Me Like a River” video is a hauntingly sexy portrayal of the song inspired by age-old Siren folklore.”


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