The Sights and Sounds That Make Hulaween a Top-Tier Fest (FESTIVAL PREVIEW)

In the jam band world, Halloween is the ultimate concert holiday, equal only to New Year’s Eve and perhaps even better. Bands and fans alike partake in the fun, dressing up in costume and often playing sets that feature some sort of theme. The only thing that can truly top a Halloween concert extravaganza is an entire festival dedicated to celebrating the rowdy holiday. That is exactly the premise behind Hulaween, which takes place October 27-29 at the Suwannee Music Park in Live Oak, FL. Hosted by The String Cheese Incident, this holiday throwdown features a jam-packed lineup, but the music isn’t the only reason to go. To get you psyched for festy time, here are the top five reasons Hulaween is the number one Halloween destination plus five acts that are not to be missed.

It’s Halloween…at a festival
When you take a holiday that revolves around a silly sense of spookiness and combine it with the vibe only a music festival can provide, you get an unmatchable experience known as Hulaween. It’s a perfect way to celebrate Halloween all while enjoying your favorite musical acts!

The venue
The Spirit Of Suwanee Music Park is a legendary site that has hosted music festivals over many years. It features already eerie moss covered trees, which will provide a natural spookiness for all attendees. It is also home to Spirit Lake, which will host a multitude of art installations from fire to lasers and everything in between.

We’re here for a reason. Oh right, the music
Hulaween is three days jam packed with music featuring some of the most influential musicians right now, including Bassnectar, Ween, Lotus, Lettuce, and of course The String Cheese Incident with a busy schedule of seven sets over three days. The list of artists worth mentioning is basically the whole lineup. There appear to be some scheduling conflicts, so make sure to prioritize your music schedule so you don’t miss your favorite act, even though you may fall in love with a new one.

Art is cool
If music really isn’t your thing, which let’s face it… it is, you can marvel at any of the various art installations spread across the site including live painting, projections, and sculptures. Andrew Carroll, the Art Director for Spirit Lake 2017, is excited to inspire attendees with local art, saying, “My intention is to bring the local art community together in a way that unifies us all creatively while blowing people’s minds.”

You can let your freak flag wave high
Hulaween is a festival that encompasses many types of music and brings together open minded, fun loving people. Attendees flock from all over to dress up in their spookiest costumes and basque in the artistry of Suwanee, This is a place of acceptance and artistry so bring out your inner most you and shine

Portugal. The Man
These guys have been known to put on a fantastic festival set. Their recent catchy hit “Feel it Still” has enough draw to lure anyone out of their camp sites and into the music. The hit reached #1 on Billboard’s Alternative Songs chart and top 10 on the Billboard Hot 100. Providing a world class act and a unique blend of rock, pop, and alternative, Portugal. The Man will be a must see act and a great music palate cleanser.

Joe Russo’s Almost Dead
Wrapping up a 6 night run at the Brooklyn Bowl, JRAD is well in stride and ready to kick off the festival on Thursday! Grateful Dead classics executed in a truly rocking fashion and the jams are a plenty! JRAD has recently had some noteworthy sit ins including Jim James, Bob Weir, and John Mayer. If you’re a fan of the Grateful Dead, this is how you’ll want to kick off your Hulaween.

Damian “Jr.Gong” Marley
A legend and the son of a legend, Damian Marley is an impressive lyricist who mixes the influences of his reggae roots with modern hip-hop seamlessly. He has worked with influential hip hop artists like Nas and addresses issues like prejudice and poverty. This will definitely be a highlight.

Beats Antique
This band is phenomenal at mixing genres including hip-hop, jazz, and afrobeat just to name a few. They provide a blend of music that can sonically satisfy any preference. Beats Antique is best known for their Middle Eastern infused electronica sound featuring belly dancing and other gypsy antics onstage.

Mike Gordon
The bassist of Phish has released a new solo album, OGOGO, in mid September and has been on fire since the Phish Baker’s Dozen run at Madison Square Garden. Gordon can drop the bass as low as any other disc wrangling jockey, and he will. Gordon is a virtuoso on bass and a phenomenal musician, he provides a unique style to his music different than Phish, allowing the audience to get a closer glimpse at Gordon’s own creativity.

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