VIDEO PREMIERE: The Coronas'”Give Me A Minute” Offers Sweet Idealism

With four double platinum albums, a slew of top ten singles sold out arenas and a legion of devoted fans behind them, The Coronas have earned their title as one of Ireland’s best-loved and hardest working bands.

This year, 2017, The Coronas released their fifth studio album Trust The Wire revealing their most refined and confident record to date.  It debuted at #1 on the Irish music chart its first week of release in June, becoming the veteran band’s first album to reach the top spot.   With this milestone Danny O’Reilly (vocals, guitar), Graham Knox (bass), Conor Egan (drums) and Dave McPhillips (guitar) have much to reflect upon.

The Coronas burst into the Irish consciousness with their debut single “Decision Time” in 2007. It had been a decade since the guitar bands of the 90’s ruled supreme, and The Coronas injected the Irish airwaves with a refreshing dose of catchy ruckus once again.  By the end of 2007, The Coronas had released their debut album Heroes or Ghosts to huge acclaim and had three hit singles in the charts; the last of which, San Diego Song,” set Irish radio aflame and propelled The Coronas into the spotlight.

By 2007, The Coronas found themselves selling out shows throughout Ireland, sharing a stage with Sir Paul McCartney and supporting Pink across a UK/Irish tour. All the while their debut album, Heroes or Ghosts, released on their indie label 3ú, was dominating the airwaves and turning platinum. The band that took their name from the Smith Corona typewriter in the movie Almost Famous had certainly dodged the prophecy of its title.

Now exactly a decade on from that pivotal year, The Coronas have eclipsed their early dreams. The band have toured the globe together, remaining a tight knit unit, and released three albums since their debut, namely, Tony Was an Ex Con (2009), Closer to You (2011) and The Long Way (2014) all of which turned double platinum in Ireland.

With so much achieved, The Coronas were invigorated, deciding that independence was crucial to their success so they went back to the drawing board ahead of their 5th album.  Trust The Wire, The Coronas’ latest studio album, was released on their brand new indie label So Far So Good Records (via ADA Distribution in North America).   For the writing process, the band returned home after spending some time in London to the awe-inspiring western shores of Ireland, and when it was time to record, they looked once again to Eliot James who had produced The Long Way.

Glide is proud to premiere the video for “Give Me A Minute” (below) off Trust The Wire, which signifies the quiet and durable strength of The Corona’s songbook. Read on below for O’Reilly’s and video director John Broe’s comments about the song and video.

“I love the sentiment in the song,” says O’Reilly. “It’s a simple lyric about how it’s alright not to feel okay sometimes, and how important it is to stop and give yourself some credit at times. Sonically, it turned out quite powerful.  Our producer Eliot James didn’t change too much from the original demo, just slight improvements here and there.  It’s my favourite song from the album!””

We wanted to start the video with a lone Danny performing the song in some beautiful scenic parts of Ireland, so we brought him around Leinster, to the Wicklow Mountains, to an Ancient Pygmy Oak forest in Kildare, the shorelines of Wicklow/Dublin and to where the grand canal meets the river Liffey in Dublin City at night,” says the video’s director John Broe. “This lonely figure is juxtaposed with ‘the door’ in the video showing us relationships:  “my everything is so much nicer with you in it” is the lyric. The rest of the band were asked to appear with loved ones as well as other family members and friends appearing behind the door (which is actually Danny’s parents home!).  We see married couples, same sex couples, best friends, mothers, children, grandmothers, sisters. Eventually, we see Danny running to the same door to see who is behind it for him.”






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