VIDEO PREMIERE: Butcher Brown Tap Into Progressive Jazz and Hip-hop Playing “The Healer” at Brooklyn Bowl

A hard-working band in an era where most groups are fleeting assemblages, Butcher Brown’s organic coherence emerges from long collaboration as a group of equals. Dedicated to innovation, informed by a love of the past, the quintet’s modernistic fusion is aptly described as “hip-hop Mahavishnu.” Impressive as they are individually, together they are something increasingly rare: a real band, playing for their audience and for each other, on the verge of a brilliant future.

Their modern, hip-hop-inflected funk has rich echoes of Weather Report, Return to Forever, early Earth Wind and Fire and, perhaps, a pungent whiff of Zappa. Like those bands, Butcher Brown’s unified sound comes from the intertwined talents of the four members, each bringing something unique to the mix.

On November 17th the Virginia group will release Live at Vagabond on Gearbox Records. Today Glide is excited to share a live video of the group going full force on their song “The Healer”. Recorded live at the Brooklyn Bowl on June 17th earlier this year, this live cut captures the organic chemistry between the band members as well as their ability to craft gorgeous melodies from their sprawling jazz fusion sound. “The Healer” is a bonus track available to those who pre-order the album digitally or physically, and is exclusive to the pre-order.

Speaking about the song, the band has this to say:

“Although we have been a band for 6 years we added new members, Marcus Tenney and Morgan Burrs in the last year. Since they have joined, the band has continued to tour and develop as a unit. We wanted a live record so our fans could hear us in the purest form, and to showcase the raw energy that occurs at a live Butcher Brown show.” 


Live at Vagabond is out on Gearbox Records on November 17. For more music and info visit

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