LANY Lights Up Phoenix’s The Van Buren (SHOW REVIEW)

The frontman of LANY, Paul Klein, hit the stage of the Van Buren in Phoenix like Jim Morrison posing for a photographer in 1967. Playing Phoenix’s brand new venue, the Van Buren, on their one of their last stops on their US tour before returning to their hometown in LA, LANY delivered exactly what the sold-out crowd last Thursday was wanting: pure nostalgia.

Playing to every scream and swoon from the audience, Klein struck one iconic rock star pose after the other, and the band delivered a trip down memory lane with new songs that somehow, every girl in the audience seemed to remember from their past.

When something is new, but you always knew it was there, you get that overdose feeling of finding a missing piece apart of yourself. The feeling shivers through the crowd like the wind blowing through your hair while driving down the 101 highway.  The stagecraft looks like something off a roll of Super 8 film. While most artists nowadays are focusing on their visuals and stage presence in an over the top kind of way, LANY gives us images of rose petals dancing through the air and a well-lit view of the band. It takes nothing away from the stunning performance the band delivers. From the opening song ‘Dumb Stuff,’ to ‘Parents,’ LANY drives the audience through something brand new that simply feels like a worn out threadbare hoodie, and those memories come flooding in.

With the support of DAGNY, LANY gave the newly opened Van Buren what it needed most, an instantly classic rock performance that breaks the venue in with that ‘you had to be there’ moment. LANY’s debut, self-titled album is a fresh summer drop, just coming out this June and nearly every person in the room sang along to song after song.  About halfway through the set, LANY gave the room a breather with their downtempo track ‘It Was Love’.  Klein, the moody, heartfelt vocalist and potential teen heartthrob, introduced the song by telling the fans to grab someone to dance with. Most of the girls in the crowd found comfort in the tears streaming down their own faces.  Meanwhile, a small handful of couples who know less about LANY and maybe a bit more about getting out for the night simply danced with each other.

Klein continued to dazzle the crowd with his dance moves and at times, feverish piano playing. Through ‘Hurts,’ ‘13,’ and ‘Tampa,’ Klein slowly brought the crowd out of their dream and back to reality.  ‘Where the Hell Are My Friends’ was a kick in the face by the time the band gets us there and then, LANY just keeps delivering.  If you get the chance, now is the time to see LANY.  This is as good as it gets–that instant classic pop moment that comes along not so very often.

There are few bands in this era that feel so familiar, who draw out that comfort, and touch on the deep feeling of nostalgia. It is definitely worth noting where LANY stands in that stack and they’re right on top. LANY pull it off like they don’t know it’s happening, but it is.  If this live show was like any other LANY live show, this forever rocks, the songs you always knew you wanted to hear but somehow lost.

Dumb Stuff
Yea, Babe, No Way
Flowers On the Floor
Good Girls
Made in Hollywood
It Was Love
The Breakup
Pancakes/Sign of the Times /Current Location
(Harry Styles cover) is it
Pink Skies

Super Far

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