Mudhoney Releasing LiE (“Live in Europe”), First Official Live Album 1/19

Mudhoney’s LiE will be available on vinyl LP and through digital service providers (N/A on CD, etc.) worldwide on January 19th, 2018. And, in lieu of a Sub Pop Loser Edition of LiE, a 500-piece, limited-edition of the LP, on heavy, milky clear vinyl with a bonus 7” single included (“Touch Me I’m Sick” b/w “Where the Flavor Is”), and different packaging will be available for pre-order here, while supplies last. There will also be new Mudhoney t-shirts available at and

Recorded live during their 2016 European tour at shows in Germany, Croatia, Sweden, Austria, Norway, and SloveniaLiE is the first unlimited-edition, non-bootleg live Mudhoney album to date. January 1st, 2018 marks Mudhoney’s 30th anniversary, and this release is a fitting start to a year that will also see the release of a new Mudhoney full-length. This album’s 11 tracks span the band’s storied career, and include their live cover of Roxy Music’s “Editions of You.”


Side A
1. Fuzz Gun ‘91 (Primosten, Croatia – from Every Good Boy Deserves Fudge)
2. Get Into Yours (Berlin, Germany – from Mudhoney)
3. Poisoned Water (Primosten, Croatia – from Tomorrow Hit Today)
4. The Final Course (Malmo, Sweden – from Vanishing Point)
5. What to Do With the Neutral (Malmo, Sweden –
from Vanishing Point)
6. I’m Now (Malmo, Sweden – from The Lucky Ones)

Side B
7. Judgement, Rage,Retribution and Thyme (Vienna, Austria – fromMy Brother the Cow)
8. I Like It Small (Oslo, Norway – from Vanishing Point)
9. Suck You Dry (Malmo, Sweden – from Piece of Cake)
10. Editions of You (Ljubljana, Slovenia – from the “Butterfly Stroke” 7” and the March to Fuzz comp)
11. Broken Hands (Ljubljana, Slovenia – from
Every Good Boy Deserves Fudge)

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