SONG PREMIERE: Meernaa Offer Warm Neo-Soul Embrace With “Good Luck”

Based in the lush, interconnected Oakland music scene, four-piece experimental band Meernaa – featuring members Carly Bond, Rob Shelton, Andrew Maguire, and Doug Stuart – have been longtime collaborators in a plethora of projects. Now, with renewed dedication and sights re-focused, the band is gearing up for some big things.

The group’s upcoming EP Strange Life captures their ability to weave soulful sounds with an indie rock and modern R&B aesthetic.

Today Glide is excited to premiere the song “Good Luck”, a clear standout on Strange Life. While the song has a somber tone, it also carries a sense of slow burning intimacy. The minimal guitar, synths and percussion highlight the gorgeous vocals of singer Carly Bond, bringing to mind other soulful singers like Brittany Howard of the Alabama Shakes. Their is sensuality and softness in Bond’s rich vocals, but there is also a power that lets the listener know she is fully in command of the mood of the song. “Good Luck” is the kind of song that’s best to listen to after several glasses of wine, allowing it to embrace with its warmth. Between its thick beds of soft synths and vocals, Meernaa doles out equal parts neo-soul and psychedelicates, floating between moody pragmatism and contemplative surrealism in a restrained inspection of duality, anger, consequences, and the lessons therein.

Reflecting on the song, Carly Bond has this to say:

“‘Good Luck’ was written as a kind of snide surrender to a rocky relationship. It’s about ceasing to have any kind of control of outcome and coming to terms with the uncertainty of someone else’s heart and finding strength in that. I was listening to a lot of Muddy Waters and Sly Stone at the time and got deep into these really repetitive and kind of trance-like phrases (with guitar and vocals) that became a kind of mantra.”


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One thought on “SONG PREMIERE: Meernaa Offer Warm Neo-Soul Embrace With “Good Luck”

  1. birdman Reply

    So good! I love it!

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