SONG PREMIERE: Stop Light Observations Soar With Anthemic and Cathartic “Vanderlight”

Charleston, S.C.’s Stop Light Observations has quickly garnered a following with their potent blend of Southern rock that incorporates elements of psychedelic, electro, reggae and hip-hop. If you listen to the band’s newest album Toogoodoo you’ll quickly realize this is catchy stuff with a wide-ranging appeal. The album is loaded with powerful anthems that balance pop sensibility and straight up rock and roll.

Today Glide is premiering the song “Vanderlight”, which is part of the band’s ongoing digital ’45’ series. The song has a revelatory feel to it, with vocalist Will Blackburn delivering a vocal performance that is soaring, cathartic and euphoric. Together the band uses an array of instruments and electronic effects that make it clear they are destined for huge stages.  

Piano player John Keith from the band says:

“’VANDERLIGHT’ is quite possibly the most important song we have ever created. It was written in 5 minuets and was edited for 3 years. We took that long because it means that much to us… and it means that much to us because there is nothing greater than the spirit, light, and love. Racial, sexual, and gender equality is rising in awareness and as we cheer it on with full hearts, we ask what about spiritual equality?

More wars, violence, and hate have stemmed from religious zeal than any other subject ever, even now! And if our spirits are supposedly the only thing that carry on with us after this life then why aren’t we fighting harder for our spirits?
There is so much incredible wisdom, truth, and guidance in any given religion that we all want to learn and be a part of. But they all say the ONLY way to eternal peace is through THEIR prophet…and everyone else will not only be excluded from the euphoric eternal celebration, but they will instead burn…forever. And that is where we personally get lost. Because we wrongfully throw the baby out with the bath water and in return our spiritual practice and growth suffers.

There is something bigger than ourselves out there. We know it. And if giving it a name like “God” makes it easier to describe and talk about, then fine. But whatever it is we know we need it, we definitely want it, and we definitely recognize it. But like how we can’t marry a girl that’s racist, we can’t devote our entire life’s to something that claims the rest of the world isn’t invited to the euphoric eternal heaven party and is going to hell. That just doesn’t seem like love.

It just seems like there is so much more to this world than what we as a culture are focusing on, and the more we travel the more we see how many people also believe this. This song is dedicated to all those who feel like we do…spiritual outcasts.

“If I am a computer + my spirit is WiFi + the prophets are all routers then I do not know why they say the only way to connect to the internet = through this guy…”


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