SONG PREMIERE: Low Doses Make Jersey Proud With Poppy Rocker “Weekend Warrior”

Jersey City’s Low Doses have been making their home state proud since 2013 with their own brand of kinda poppy, kinda sloppy rock. Their sound is the result of what happens when former high school classmates, in this case Ryan Masterson and Vin Russoniello, reconnect and form a band based on a shared love of back to basics rock n roll, garage punk, and power pop, a la The Saints, The Nerves, The Jam, Eddie Cochran, The Real Kids, and The Kinks. Believe it or not, these things happen more than you think.

Once the two friends got together, it was only a matter of time before they recruited bassist Joi La Cour and began recording and playing raw live sets in the New York/New Jersey area. Their early 2015 single “In Love Again” caught the ear of power pop icon Paul Collins, who recruited Low Doses to play in his backing band. After a year of touring the world as the Paul Collins Beat, the band returned to Jersey City and set out to forge a path of their own, opening for the likes of the Muffs and Greg Cartwright and hitting the studio to record their upcoming single. With the latest addition of bassist Christina Caira, Low Doses are poised to continue to bring their fun and energetic sound to an ever widening audience in 2017 and beyond.

Today Glide is excited to offer up an exclusive premiere of the new single from Low Doses, which officially drops on January 8th, 2018 via Hidden Volume Records. The song is a rambunctious little nugget of rock and roll energy, complete with catchy harmonies that stay in your head long after listening. True to their influences, the band mixes garage rock and 60s-style guitar rock, making for a punchy pop-laden track that is easy to picture blasting from the airwaves on the venerable Jersey radio station WFMU. 

Reflecting on the song, Ryan Masterson says: “I wanted to write a song about a band full of members who have full-time jobs and don’t get to play as often as they’d like, which is the case with so many bands I know. Even though it could be about myself, I was kind of imagining a character in a Jam song or something when I wrote it – like if Smithers Jones had a band.


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